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This week we caught up with Claire Duncan to talk about Dear Time’s Waste signing to Australian label Speak N Spell, her approach to writing and the little places she finds inspiration.

Tell us about how Dear Time’s Waste got started. “Dear Time’s Waste began with a family of songs I’d written that were whining at me to be recorded. Prior to this I had been performing as a solo artist for a couple of years and it felt like I was reaching a dead end in ‘female singer-songwriter’ street. The songs and sounds I had in my head demanded broader instrumentation and more dense recordings. My good friend Djeisan Suskov and I tackled them into .wav format over a period of about eight months, recording on weekends and evenings in a big wooden house in Parnell. Since October 2008 I have been employing various friends and local hangabouts in the live Dear Time’s Waste lineup, so it has become this sort of organic, flexible unit with myself the only stable member to this point. Most of my friends have played in the band at some show or another.”

What’s your process when writing new material? “It very much depends. It is true that extreme emotional states seem to facilitate the rough drafting of songs for me, but that is followed by many days and nights ‘in the office’. I like to approach it as some kind of ‘job’, in the way Nick Cave puts on a suit every time he goes to work on his music. I’ve found there are important periods of preparation when I’m absorbing and internalising ideas before they take form in songs. I’m also a believer in just making noise for the sake of it.”

What are some of your biggest influences when you create music? “I like getting out and experiencing things, soaking up things that resonate with me. Pictures, sounds, words. I try to engage in this filtering process, drawing out and knitting together strands of interest and meaning. And then there are all the spaces in between, the grey areas where the mundane and boring still moments live. I’m really interested in the idea of how humans make meaning and songs are huge meaning-makers… I think it’s bizarre, horrible and awesome how sound is always infused with meaning and how that is received by another person.”

We hear that you’ve been signed to Australian label, Speak N Spell. How did that come about? “I’ve been in touch with them for a few years now, and it has just taken a bit of time for me to feel in a place where I am prepared to cross the line and grow some limbs outside of myself. While I hold my music close to my chest, there is only so much room in New Zealand, and even less for certain genres.  It’s a really great feeling to be progressing to bigger markets with guys I really trust.”

What’s in store for the future of Dear Time’s Waste? “We are just rounding off a tour of Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington and Auckland. I’m currently writing for a LP for release sometime in 2010. We will be toning down the live shows while the new stuff is written and recorded, but will hopefully be playing some summer festivals. Next year at some point I would like to head over to Australia for shows, and then some more, and so on.”

Dear Time’s Waste EP, ‘Room For Rent’ is available now and we strongly suggest you get your hands on it. You can purchase it via Smoke CD’s, Amplifier and iTunes.

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