Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards Wrap-Up


Before we begin I just want to give a quick shout out to Juice TV who decided it was a good idea to screen their NZOWN show on at exactly the same time as C4 screened the music awards. It’s not the best idea to compete with the biggest night in New Zealand music all year. Plus, it resulted in everyone completely missing out on seeing Stevie Starr’s possibly rehearsed and/or completely stream of consciousness, I’m-running-out-of-breath ramblings. Seriously. Juice TV, fail.

Ladyhawke, Ladyhawke, Ladyhawke. Like we didn’t see that one coming. Predictable, but a tiny bit OTT. I mean come on, it wasn’t on every critics year end best of list like the voiceover said, and that’s because only half of the album is actually good. Also, sort of seems like she’s adopted Joey Ramone’s demeanor and slouch. The mascara was a little Alice Cooper too. On top of that, homegirl’s performance of her best song, ‘My Delirium,’ was completely underwhelming. Maybe it was the vodka. Still, I’ll admit that the fact that she made a clean sweep of the awards was just a little bit awesome.

And sure I chuckled a little when I watched Dai Henwood’s opening montage scene. It was pretty great watching Midnight Youth’s Jeremy Redmore being just a little self-deprecating as well but come on Dai. That Jordan Luck/Buck Shelford quip? Puh-lease. On that note, can Anika Moa please host next years awards? Would definitely be something to consider since she single-handedly stole the show when she came onstage to present those couple of awards. There’s something exceptional about how comfortable she is in being herself. ANYWAY, let’s do this.

Strangest Moment: The fact that the best dance/electronica award went to the album that is the least dance/electronica of the entire category. Congratulations, Ladyhawke.

Best Speech: Strangely enough, Brooke Fraser, who totally pulled it together (despite all the “um’s”) considering she didn’t see it coming. Also, Brooke’s gotten hotter, so bonus points for that.

Worst speech: Sorry to sound like I’m hating but Ladyhawke, you win. To her advantage, she did remind us that she wasn’t good with speeches. Still, YOU were the favourite to win. Write something.

Most Touching Moment: John Rowles who took hold of the Sir Howard Morrison tribute, and made us all a little bit proud to be a part of it. Since I only watched it on T.V, I can only imagine how chilling that must have sounded inside the Vector Arena.

Most Underwhelming Catagory: The highest selling singles/albums list. Okay, okay, that’s only because The Feelers took the award for highest selling album. Screw U middle NZ.

Most Unnecessary Moment: The Living End coming out to present the best cock album to Midnight Youth. But hey, good, Midnight Youth deserve it. Also unnecessary were the stage props that were part of Smashproof’s set. The performance was great but it truly began to shine once Gin hopped down and could move around a little. Also, that moment where the kids came out on stage was great. Love it how these guys can pull of these types of moments and not come off as cheesy. On another note, Gin’s ascendancy is going to be staggering. Mark my words.

Worst Presenters: Lucy Lawless and Jason Kerrison. No explanation necessary.

Best Performance: The Mint Chicks ‘She’s A Mod.’ Hands down. It’s just a pity that C4 decided to air it looking like it was from a 60’s television performance. Kind of missed the point in my opinion but The Mint Chicks killed it anyway. So good.

And that was that. Full results below. See you next year to watch Gin annihilate everyone in her path.

Vodafone Album of the Year
Winner: Ladyhawke – Ladyhawke

The Mint Chicks – Screens
Midnight Youth – The Brave Don’t Run
Cut Off Your Hands – You And I
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Dr Boondigga and the Big BW

Vodafone Single of the Year
Winner: Ladyhawke – My Delerium

Midnight Youth – All On Our Own
P-Money – Everything featuring Vince Harder
Smashproof – Brother
Kids of 88 – My House

Steinlager Pure Best Group
Winner: Midnight Youth

Fat Freddy’s Drop
The Mint Chicks

Vodafone People’s Choice Award
Winner: Smashproof

Fat Freddy’s Drop
Midnight Youth
The Black Seeds

Best Male Solo Artist
Winner: Savage

Dave Dobbyn
Don McGlashan & The Seven Sisters

Mazda Best Female Solo Artist
Winner: Ladyhawke

Boh Runga
Ladi 6

Pacific Blue Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Winner: Ladyhawke

Midnight Youth

C4 Best Music Video
Winner: Chris Graham – Brother (Smashproof)

Sam Peacocke – I Can’t Stop Being Foolish (The Mint Chicks)
Tim Van Dammen – Turn Around featuring Iva Lamkum (Sola Rosa)

PPNZ Best Rock Album
Winner: Midnight Youth – The Brave Don’t Run

The Mint Chicks – Screens
Cut Off Your Hands – You And I

42Below Best Urban/Hip Hop Album
Winner: Ladi 6 – Time Is Not Much

Smashproof – The Weekend
Savage – Savage Island

Kiwi FM Best Aotearoa Roots Album
Winner: Fat Freddy’s Drop – Dr Boondigga and the Big BW

The Black Seeds – Solid Ground
The Woolshed Sessions – The Woolshed Sessions

Best Dance/Electronica Album
Winner: Ladyhawke – Ladyhawke

Antiform – City In Exile
Sola Rosa – Get It Together

Best Gospel/Christian Album
Winner: Mumsdollar – Ruins

Parachute Band – Technicolour
The Ember Days – EP
Primalband – Your Way

Best Classical Album

Winner: David Bremner – Gung Ho

Gareth Farr – Gareth Farr: Tangaroa
Ogen Trio and NZ Chamber Soloists – Ahi

Highest Selling NZ Single
Smashproof feat. Gin – Brother

Highest Selling NZ Album
the feelers – The Best: 1998-2008

NZ on Air Radio Airplay Record of the Year
Tiki Taane – Always On My Mind

International Achievement
Brooke Fraser

The New Zealand Herald Legacy Award
Ray Columbus and the Invaders.

Via The New Zealand Herald


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  2. hey why you hating on lucy lawless? explain yourself

  3. Stevie Kaye says:

    Eh, the Sola Rosa album was arguably less “dance/electronica” than the Ladyhawke album; bit of a mongrel category.
    Was secretly hoping Rob Guest would win the album sales award, just to pour a cold glass of water over the proceedings.

  4. I totally agree about Anika Moa. Those were my thoughts exactly. Along with The Mint Chicks. highlight of the night!

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