A Few Words On That Jason Kerrison Article That Ran In The Woman's Day

Jason Kerrison / Woman's Day

So let’s just pretend for a moment that this whole 2012 apocalypse thing might actually happen. Who should be one of the survivors but OpShop’s frontman Jason Kerrison, who states pretty damn clearly in a recent issue of Woman’s Day that he plans to survive the “transformative changes” by building a multi-million dollar ark (or “monolithic dome”) that can house 300 people. “What we’re dreaming of is a multi-million-dollar project and for us to do that alone is beyond our scope and resources. Yet we’re not letting that slow down the dream. Hopefully, people buy the new OpShop album!” he told Woman’s Day. Please stop using your celebrity weight to make it seem like we should give a fuck.

There’s lots to take in here and picturing Kerrison as an I Am Legend figure just doesn’t seem right – he also admits that his wife and bandmates were skeptical about his idea to build an ark.

“I’ve been putting extra cans – to my wife’s disgust originally – into the cart every time we go shopping,” he says, pointing out a dip in the ceiling from the supplies weighing down the floor upstairs. “That’s at least a dozen cans every fortnight for the last four years.”

It’s almost too good to be true and when asked about the world he wanted to be in the day after he says, “I hope to be in a transformed pure planet with a bunch of cool humans…ready to have a party in my new ark.” Yeah, I think we might have to skip that one.

So even though the world is going to end, we should all still buy your records, right Jason? I’ll be waiting for your reply over here in the real world.

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  1. I wonder what has happened this his multi-million dollar bunker and how much money he has lost in the process. What a moron.

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