Hole "Nobody's Daughter"

It’s been a long time between drinks for Hole, nigh on twelve years since the release of Celebrity Skin. Let’s be honest though, this isn’t Hole, it’s Courtney Love with a new lineup of musicians. If Eric Erlandson’s comments on the project hold any truth, the album was initially conceived of as a Courtney Love solo project, and it shows. Had this been a genuine Hole album we may have expected some stylistic progression or refinement, but there’s nothing new or interesting to be heard on Nobody’s Daughter. Rather, it appears caught in a time warp, trapped between ’99 and ’04, sounding like a collection of caste-offs from Celebrity Skin and America’s Sweetheart.

Nobody’s Daughter isn’t a bad album per se, it’s just an incredibly bland offering from Love, who at the peak of her game was one of the most interesting and influential characters in alternative rock. As a band, Hole produced three brilliant studio albums which remain among the finest of their time, and it seems a shame to tar that legacy with this brush. Better to have kept it a Courtney Love solo album and it would have been judged as a reasonable follow up to America’s Sweetheart.

Nobody’s Daughter is not a complete write-off though. Certainly a few tracks hold their own. First single Skinny Little Bitch proves that Love still has the acid tongue she is so famous for. Whilst closer Never Go Hungry goes some way towards redeeming what is a fairly average album. Overall the album is let down by it’s formulaic sound and unnecessary allusions to previous hits which create a cloyingly desperate atmosphere (Pacific Coast Highway while pleasant, may as well be renamed Malibu Two).

Fans who enjoyed Hole’s more radio friendly moments will find Nobody’s Daughter an enjoyable enough listen, and if you aren’t expecting anything ground breaking you wont be terribly disappointed.

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