Flying Nun (Sort Of) Unveil Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Not too long ago, Pitchfork posted Ffunny Ffriends, a track from the purposely secretive Unknown Mortal Orchestra (“there’s barely a droplet of information about this band out there”, said P4K). Then yesterday, Flying Nun Records sent out a still-mysterious press release saying “After months locked in the basement below Flying Nun headquarters our audio exploration unit has resurfaced, having made contact with a group referred to only as the Unknown Mortal Orchestra.” The track included in the release which you can also stream or download below is Thought Ballune, a song strongly resembling a certain former Flying Nun band, who, at times, have been just as cryptic.

It turns out that Thought Ballune has also been floating around for a bit, as it was premiered on The Catbirdseat back at the beginning of June. Only time will tell but the songs are clearly on the same wave length as Screens/Bad Buzz Mint Chicks tracks  — think Revolver-era Beatles guitar riffs with slightly warped vocals — and the vocal comes courtesy of Kody Nielson. Leave your guess in the comments section to who they might be and until the band is fully unveiled we’ll just keep rumour-mongering and piecing these fragments together until we figure it out.


  1. Peter Perry-winkel says:

    It’s got to be Grayson Gilmore.

  2. hope to be a jpse
    a look blue go purple
    a straight jacket
    and who was that gold solid?
    will be good regards
    are we betting?
    i would place a 2 to 6 on a half dozen of the next dole round

  3. Kanye East says:

    I saw someone in Wellington carrying around that exact same tape machine so it makes sense.

  4. Does sound kiiiiinda mintchicks-y. Does sound kinda Grayson-y too.

  5. well it’s a damn nice track, whoever it is.

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  7. pretty sure that tape machine is Disasteradios – Grayson and Disasteradio???

  8. Super group??

  9. Grayson Gilmour just added a short track with ‘UMO?’ all over it –
    Doesn’t sound like Disasteradio. Great price though….

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