Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad: The Adults “Nothing To Lose”

Every week, a panel of writers for The Corner will focus on a bunch of recently released local singles and grade them. We call it Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad. We might have borrowed this idea from but we love that site and we hope that you like this.


[Grade: 5.7]

Matthew McAuley: Yeah this is nice. The subtle Ladi6/Toogood harmonies in the chorus (??) are super well executed, and it’s a great builder. I’m kinda underwhelmed by the inevitable Carter noiseout in the middle, but just because it reminds me of songs like ‘Crystalator’ that do it way better. Remember when everyone got all jazzed on Krautrock a few years ago? All the Neu!-by-numbers nine-minute epics about nothing? This is better than all of them, and it’s helmed by the singer from fucking Shihad. I can’t wait to hear the album. Wow. [8]

Maryann Savage: What a proggy monster (I won’t use the word ‘Frankenstein’, though the conjunction of people in this video is sort of disturbing) this momentarily turns into during the guitar solo! For the rest of the song, yes, they’ve managed to sound kind of ‘cool’ and minimal and yes, the drumming is good (and it deserves a high score). BUT — I think they should have abandoned the restrained production, had mad lyrical conflicting guitar parts all the way through, and pompous divisions into parts … because only a group of friends who feel justly snubbed by society can be ‘cool’. Not a supergroup. Accept your Deep Purple position. Write songs about the first 5000 years of the colonization of Venus after the earth has been destroyed by global warming. [7]

Hussein Moses: The sum is not as great as the parts. Actually, I don’t even think the parts are necessarily that special either. Like, you spend all that time on restraint and building the song up, why not just go all ‘White Rabbit’ on everyone? Instead we’re only half-way there; the vocals sound fine but here they’re overbearing and distracting. Supergroups aye. Warners are all hush-hush about this but advance copies of the album have begun going out (not to me obviously) and I hear that the record might not be so terrible after all. Still, I don’t think this one will be a song I’ll be coming back to all that often. [5]

Stevie Kaye: “Fly My Pretties via You’ve Got To Hear The Music-era Dimmer” is a damn sight better than “acoustic Shihad” when it comes to a Jon Toogood solo project. Nice touch of boogie to the bass, slightly more jam than song, but it’s an interesting combination and hopefully there’s other interesting alchemy at work on the album. [6]

Dan Taipua: I think a lot of people will be talking about Shayne Carter for this single, fair enough I guess, but lay off the tiger-crouching-in-a-corner-ready-to-spring metaphors. For me it’s like seeing someone famous at a buffet, you’re sitting there like “Oh look at that, Shayne Carter. Didn’t expect to see him here but I guess it makes sense”. Then you start wondering what he’s gonna eat, and you see his friends eating cold cuts and pasta salad but you’re like “Nah, he’s not a cold cuts guy, no way is he eating rizoni either”. Turns out he heads straight for the seafood chowder and you’re like “Huh, look at that. Guess he’s on kind of a soup buzz. Kind of a fishy, soupy buzz. No bread rolls either” and it’s only really worth commenting on just because it’s him. Meanwhile, he and his friends are all having a really nice grown up dinner and they’re wondering why it took so long for them to get together for a mean feed and some lunchtime beers. Also, the video is great. [8]

Kim Gruschow: In the parts without the fiddly rock distortion this sounds a bit like an extended intro from a Movement era Gossip track. It’s a strange song and an interesting approach but it doesn’t quite work for me. It feels pregnant, never dropping and while I like Ladi6’s vocals, it feels like there is too much of them. There are points where her repetition is annoying, she sounds like she is playing her own back-up singer/duet partner. [5]

Fraser Austin: “Let’s have a JAM! We should record this, I think it needs some VOCALS! Umm just sing whatever. Cool done.” [1]


  1. Coward Morrison says:

    I like how the Ladi6 side of the video looks like a scene from Aliens

  2. Noodle says:

    All buildup with no climax, like watching porn at work.

    I’ll be interested to hear the album though. Apparently it’s being produced by Tiki Taane.

  3. Well it looks like Dan Taipua just became my favourite person on this panel.

  4. Is it just me or does Fraser rate everything a 1 or a 4? Certainly seems so for the last few of these article. Not sure he’s adding much.

  5. Rain Man says:

    completely over rated IMO.

  6. I dont care if this is “HALF WAY THERE” or “MORE JAM THAN SONG” When I hear this piece of music It makes me feel GREAT, which after all, is a what I want from music, gritty power full stuff, come on the kiwis, yee ha

  7. Maryann says:

    I have to admit, I heard this on the radio and loathed it so much I had to instantly turn it off. But I rated it ‘7/10’! I definitely don’t know what I’m doing, in terms of reviewing music. I rate my review ‘4/10’ (because I am a generous reviewer).

  8. Siege NZ says:

    This is a bloody brilliant piece of thumping rumbling rolling good times dance around the lounge Kiwi music. You guys need to get off your high horse and just enjoy it for crying out loud!

  9. Fucking yawn you shit bag panel of ass writers

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