Great Sounds Great: Bad Sounds Bad: Anna Wilson “Say You Love Me”

Every week, a panel of writers for The Corner will focus on a bunch of recently released local singles and grade them. We call it Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad. We might have borrowed this idea from but we love that site and we hope that you like this.

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[Grade: 4.0]

Hussein Moses: Overprocessed pop that’s still hasn’t managed to fall off the ‘Since U Been Gone’ bandwagon. Lots of weird Dane Rumble comparisons here too, but for good reason — Jonathan Campbell who produced this (alongside Simon Holloway) also had a hand in The Experiment, and the Slavov video gets oddly characterised off of his clip for ‘Always Be Here’. Not a good look. [3]

Maryann Savage: Ripping off the ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ video is silly — it’s been ripped off for ads. And the Britney hair, make-up and kilt suggest c.2001. However, I like the way the back of her car is on fire, and how she doesn’t do full stripper moves — I guess this is relatively innocent. This song seems to aspire to the Linda Perry genre of power ballads for lite girl artists, which I sometimes enjoy, but it doesn’t have the confessional, specific lyrics required to make that somewhat-dodgy genre enjoyable. [4]

Phyllis Gabor: I think she totally needs a more bad ass name than Anna Wilson to really pull off this kinda thing, especially when a much older lady singer (who’s the first to pop up in the related suggestions on YouTube) goes under the same name. Anyway, this is totally unappealing to me. For a pop song it’s not catchy at all, and that is a big failure. I watched this about four times and couldn’t remember the tune 30 seconds after I last watched it, and I have the most programmed for pop song slavery brain ever. I tried to engage with the song but there was pretty much nothing to engage with. Actually, it was so devoid of anything that makes a good pop song that I managed to notice in the video that the back of her car is always on fire when we see her driving it, but in the bird’s eye view it’s not. Pretty rats. Getting some pop punk types to give the song an authentic rock edge just takes this down another point. [2]

Dan Trevarthen: The hook jumps out of the speakers pretty well, and much of this sounds like a small scale take on The Veronicas ‘Forever’. I know it’s trashy, but just gimme one more quotable line to go with “shoulda stayed with my girls tonight” in the verse lyrics and this could be a guilty pleasure (maybe? If I was a girl on the shore?) As is it’s a [4]

Dan Taipua: This isn’t too bad. It hits my main marks for a pop hit which are a melody you can hum and a chorus that you only hear in the singer’s voice when you listen to it in your head. Something about the production makes me think of Australia, maybe a Veronicas hangover? I don’t even know what The Veronicas sound like, but it’s making me think it. Maybe it’s the Next Top Model slickness in the guitar track? There’s an attempt at sexiness that doesn’t really payoff here – it’s the staid lyrics and absence of sass in the delivery, sexiness needs more self-assuredness in 2011.
You could trash the video for its weekend poker playing Busted guitarist and the Dana Rumble studio tropes, but it’s hard out there for a pop-rock chick – even Avril Lavigne can’t do Avril Lavigne any more. It’s an acoustic-Betty and electro-Ruby world right now; I’m gonna slap on a point for not folding to the pressure of either of those. [5]

Michael McClelland: Yeah, wow… I was going to be all ‘blah blah forgettable blah blah’ but then I read through some YouTube comments for the music video and shit reached another level. “best thing is Anna is a super lovely person mwah anna…u have no idea how much this song helps me with the housework its so upbeat xoxoxoxo” [2]

Fraser Austin: MAN! Okay, so normally I just write a stream of my immediate reactions to a track, like BAM, done. With this I rewrote my opening sentence a ton. The song on repeat has hit the bridge. There is something in the melody to this that reminds me of 1999; it’s new years and I am drinking irresponsibly at the lakes. It’s turn of the millennium Illicit(the brand)-pop-rock. For me anyways. *sigh* These tracks are so average, so NOTHING. Like staring at the void, I see just dark reflections of myself. [8]


  1. Earl says:

    TAKING IT BACK TO 95, 6, 7! is that the guitarist from the Rabble? Good to see he’s keeping it real, bro.

  2. Earl says:

    Also were the graphics done by Weta workshops in the early 80s?

  3. an unrefined unincubated rushed-to-the-shelves Gin? Maybe not. NZ can and has done a lot worse for paint by numbers pop. This doesn’t strike me as anything that would be memorable or inspiring, but yeah . . . me = not the target market. Does anyone seriously think she’ll have legs?

  4. I don’t about anyone else but I got really strong Tadpole flashbacks from this.

  5. Maryann says:

    “I got really strong Tadpole flashbacks from this.”

    “Does anyone seriously think she’ll have legs?”

    What are you trying to say?


      that she is a parapalegic, mid-90s nu-metal revival, pop singer

  6. I just had a listen to the song and while i’m not the target market – i don’t think anyone on here really is IMO – I enjoyed the track, quite different from NZ’s current crop of female artists (which is predominantly roots and rnb orientated) I don’t know but i get the impression my 15 year old sister (if i had one) would be jumping around the lounge with all her friends while listening to this song…

  7. Damian says:

    Not really feeling this song aye looks like this singer is guna die a quik easy fall n the music industry havent heard anything from her since!!!! trashy trashy too pop and ripoff from other singers. Having ur bf in the band too not a good idea the guys a dikhead

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