Jon Toogood’s Ill-Fated Joke That Wasn’t In Yesterday’s Sunday Magazine

Jon Toogood, who next month releases his new album under the name The Adults was featured in yesterday’s Sunday magazine. He’s noticeably candid in the interview and speaks on late nights out, collaborations with Tiki Taane, his relationship with his step-daughter and most interestingly, Shihad’s ill-fated 2001 showcase at The Viper Room, which ended the bands hopes of cracking the US.

“We saw $4 million walk out the door. We had offers on the table”, he says in the interview while recalling a troublesome moment onstage where he decided to lighten up the atmosphere with a joke about the police. It didn’t go down well, especially with the post-September 11 attitude of people stateside, and Toogood says that he couldn’t sleep for six months after it. Intriguingly though, Sunday decided to omit the joke in the story. So just in case you were curious, here you go…

“What’s the only animal with a cunt halfway up its back,”
“A police horse!”


  1. Noodle says:

    That joke is worthy of ruining any band’s career

  2. Katie says:

    Do you have a link to the original article by any chance?

  3. Te Aihe says:

    @NOODLE Are you serious? You comment with a pseudonym like noodle, and yet you have nothing that even resembles a sense of humour. “That joke is worthy of ruining any band’s career”, shit. You must be a police officer, you cunt on a horse.

    • Noodle says:

      Wow, didn’t know The Corner was still online until this page was linked to from an article on The Spinoff.

      Hi Te Aihe! Sorry I didn’t see your comment four years ago, probably because you commented a year after I did. Funny, I can’t recall why I wrote what I did. Must have been bored. The joke is pretty good actually.

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