Awesome Feeling 5: Mr. Biscuits “New Song”

Dunedin-raised five-piece Mr. Biscuits (made up of Richard Ley-Hamilton, Sarah Ley-Hamilton, Sam Valentine, Adrian Ng and Lee Nicolson) recently spent a couple of weeks at the top of the Radio One top 10 with ‘New Song’, a track simply named since the band couldn’t think of a better one and decided not to force it. ‘New Song’ recalls the dynamics of bands like Mogwai and Slint as well as the punk-rock ethos of Bikini Kill, Sonic Youth and The Mint Chicks and the song comes from a recording session that the group recently wrapped up, resulting in eight songs that they’re hoping to release properly in the second half of the year. So far, the band has earned a pretty good reputation for their live gigs, which we hear usually end in a cacophony of distorted guitars (much like this song). Their shows also have scored them support slots for Street Chant, Die! Die! Die! and Grayson Gilmour – more proof that they’re unquestionably off to a promising start.

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From 2007, Real Groove magazine released four Awesome Feeling compilations, showcasing a diverse and exciting range of underground local talent. Real Groove may be gone, but we think there’s just as many exciting local acts worth a listen, so The Corner is putting out a fifth volume of Awesome Feeling with the support of Groove Guide. We’ll be revealing one new artist/track every weekday throughout May, and posting the entire compilation for download at the end of the month.

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