Awesome Feeling 5: Orchestra Of Spheres “Hypersphere”

There’s very few bands in New Zealand who can rival the visionary mysticism of Wellington’s Orchestra of Spheres (Mos Iocoss, Baba Rossa, Jemi Hemi Mandala, E = MC303 and Zye Soceles). A track like ‘Hypersphere’, off last year’s Nonagonic Now, manages a choppy, catchy groove and a chanted mantra recalling the wigged-out seventies psychedelic spacerock/krautrock set as well as today’s bearded balearic boffins from Scandinavia paying homage to that era (Mungolian Jet Set, Lindstrøm, etc); they also allow exploratory freakouts that echo our free noise heritage – albeit sloppily cosmic rather than aridly ascetic or bleakly cacophonous. Orchestra of Spheres’ setup boasts a roots’n’phuture amalgam akin to Konono N°1 , a D.I.Y. mix of neo-traditional instruments jury-rigged from household objects (biscuit tins, mousepads, barbecue tongs, a futon slat) as well as the likes of the gamelan and theremin – it’s a heady brew. After catching their set at Camp A Low Hum 2011, Canada’s Caribou invited Orchestra of Spheres to play this year’s iconic All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in the UK – he’s curating it alongside Battles and Les Savy Fav; there’s an edit he made of ‘Hypersphere’ floating around, to boot!

Bandcamp / Facebook / All Tomorrow’s Parties

From 2007, Real Groove magazine released four Awesome Feeling compilations, showcasing a diverse and exciting range of underground local talent. Real Groove may be gone, but we think there’s just as many exciting local acts worth a listen, so The Corner is putting out a fifth volume of Awesome Feeling with the support of Groove Guide. We’ll be revealing one new artist/track every weekday throughout May, and posting the entire compilation for download at the end of the month.


  1. Dan Taipua says:

    Arkestra. Hard.

  2. Just release it already…. Fuck.

  3. Artists from Camp A Low Hum 2011 are still resonating in the wold. Another example is The Golden Awesome signing to New York label M’lady’s Records to put out their first LP

  4. Martyn Pepperell says:

    These guys do the voodoo on crowds on the regular, unmissable.

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