Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad: Sleeping Dogs “Myth Reducer”

Every week, a panel of writers for The Corner will focus on a bunch of recently released local singles and grade them. We call it Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad. Read through the panelists thoughts below and let us know what you think of the song in the comments section.

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[Grade: 3.8]

Louie G: While your band’s hassling DOC for permits to film in a forest with easy van access, these dudes are out dropping pianos from god’s-eye-view. Dropping bombs, son. Dropping science. They’re named after an O.G. Sam Neill film where he’s on the run from a tyrannical NZ government, on the run from the man, on the run to become a man. Fly like paper, get high like cranes; throw them at a window; an invisible wall between inside and outside; them the many, we the few. One day as a tiger, or a life as a mouse? Call me MISTER Woods; my crew never change stripes. [8]

Isobel Cairns: This kind of sounds a bit like Queen, except that while Queen’s songs were about some sort of bicycle-related pop nonsense, this song seems to be about the tedium of white collar office jobs. The idea seems to be that ‘music will set you free’, except most musicians who don’t sell their songs to ads for Burger King live in untamed damp hovels, unable to feed themselves or their accidentally conceived children. [3]

Dan Taipua: This happens a lot; here’s a song that’s totally ridiculous but I really enjoy it. I don’t even know if I like it, but I enjoy it. It’s not a sarcastic or ironic response, I just like things that rip massive tears in the fabric of expectation. Four slightly-older guys with top-notch gear, dressed in matching two-tone t-shirt suits, ripping out some kind of preter-MCR symphony about free will. They don’t care what’s cool, or maybe even what’s good – their whole image and sound is the equivalent of smashing a piano into an Audi – Straight DGAF. [6]

Michael McClelland: The phrase “so funny it hurts” couldn’t be applied better to a situation like this. This song is painful. Check out their website for more comedy gold. [1]

Hussein Moses: It’s funny how this sort of stuff can go so under the radar despite how legit it looks. How much money do you think they spent on that video? More than Tiki at least. Their website isn’t bad and their sound is sleek as too. As for the song, their approach is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’-reaching (this doesn’t have a chorus either, as far as I can tell) played by a bunch of guys that don’t seem to be troubled by any sort of radio trend. Possibly tutored by Dr. Glam? Modelling their look after The Hives? Cram all that into just under four minutes. Unfathomable. [3]

Fraser Austin: I am never sure if I am reviewing the video or the song on this panel, I found the video to this totally offensive, so it may have fucked my reviewer-vision for the song. The song sucks. I can hear ambitions of Brit-rock and glam, with no degree of glamour. Rock and Roll is meant to in some degree be cool, or fun, or thoughtful. Unless the artistic ambition of this song was to vibe on being uncool and desperate sounding. [1]

Julie Petsounds: Muse wannabe without the epic production! DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA darling! Get me Bowie on the phone! My favourite part is the main guy! I couldn’t help but get distracted by the lame video – Sorry guys that might have affected the score. [4]

Matthew McAuley: Faith no more were bad enough when they weren’t a terrible antipodean nu-rock version of Faith No More. [0]

Maryann Savage: This is Ozzy Osbourne, this is Deep Purple — this is almost perfect! But then it goes into a kind of horrid 2000’s The Killers/Katy Perry power ballad … only for a few seconds though. Is the singing (and the music) supposed to be funny? Because that style is no joke to me. I take it seriously. If this is a parody, I’m personally offended. It even has ‘November Rain’ strings and a Pink Floyd declining chords sequence. ‘The white shirts and ties/Think they can tell you how you can die’ — that is intentionally funny! (But the video looks weirdly expensive. And the band look like they’d hate me. They use a model and wreck an expensive car.) Is this like Flight of the Conchords? Cause I would really hate that. [8]

Kim Gruschow: Sleeping Dogs are living the dream. They love rocking out and everything about them is theatrical and over the top, from the mad use of adjectives in their bio to that completely insane video directed by their drummer. They have a provincial, past it vibe and the song, while epic and well-executed, is all pantomime and no punk. My teenage self really hates these showy old Muse fans for smashing up expensive stuff when I’ve got no money for gear. [4]


  1. Dan Taipua says:

    Matt is right on point with the Faith No More call.

    • I thought The Real Thing was a great record actually – I think it’s a bit harsh to fob a band like Faith No More off just like that IMO.

      • Dan Taipua says:

        Nah bro, it’s the *attempt* to be Faith No More that we’re talking about.

      • Anonymous Internet Commenter says:

        @ Dan T: “Faith no more were bad enough”

      • Dan Taipua says:

        Don’t get me wrong, Faith No More have a lot of bad influencing to apologize for. This is one.

  2. The singer looks like a little like Craig Finn which means he’ll get added every man kudos, and the rest of the band look like middle aged school teachers who do this as a hobby which is all swell and everything so long as there’s a good song which, in this case, there isn’t. There is an obvious desire to emulate Muse, from the hair dos and suits to the faux Queen theatrics but glam rock has to be fun, or at least exciting, and this is neither. So, in a funny way, they’re at least living up to that Muse comparison. Unfortunately though, the whole performance is just ponderous and lifeless which kills the whole thing before it even gets going. The video must have cost heaps, which means they’ve probably remortgaged their houses in anticipation of impending tour dates at Wembley supporting Matt Bellamy and co. Sorry guys but stick to your day jobs.


  3. Can’t be bothered straining my brain for quiz points trying to work out exactly which glammy 70’s proggy metally outfit these guys are trying to sound like. Not my bag. Deal with a few of these types, probably held off and safely worked some shitty white collar job for years so now they could afford all this and a bit of a spunk in the video to boot, so why not, bet their wives/kids etc think it’s cool. Better than any video I’ve ever done and I wouldn’t want my grandkids seeing that when I’m dead. For me, guys like this are my music industry #guitarhero #rockband

  4. Noodle says:

    Whoa, what an expensive video for such a shit song

  5. Chelsea says:

    just logged on to say that calculated or not I actually think this is great and a nu Manowar for the investment banker.

  6. I love this! if you can rock then you should rock! Why are ur comments so negative? smacks of self loathing and remorse for a life not lived. I dare you, do it better! putting down those who do just because you cannot or do not go-back to your boring life, why should there be a limit? I want to see more! 9/10 Mary

    • Here, here Mary. Have seen these guys play live recently at Scorcher fest and they were one of the only bands to get an encore. More positive comments please. These guys really believe in what they’re doing which is than can be said for some of these other commentators lives, I bet.

      • Oh you’d be surprised. Some of us really believe in calling a turd a turd, even if it was shat out by a really nice guy.

  7. Hey guys,

    It’s effing awesome that you’ve all taken an interest in the Dawgs latest vid “Myth Reducer”!

    We probably didn’t ever think that this track would have a whole heap of commercial appeal, but it’s certainly one of our personal favs off the album! Please feel free to either love it or hate it.

    Yours in music


  8. @Maryann Savage: I’m a big fan of Deep Purple… in fact Ritchie Blackmore is God as far as I’m concerned! Let me personally assure you that this is no parody.

    btw that’s gotta be the first Kate Perry comparison we’ve ever had… nicely worked in! ;-)


  9. What’s up with the video? Looks like the office girl is punching timecards for Goebbels. Bad vibes.

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