Download Awesome Feeling 5 In Its Entirety

For fifth installment of Awesome Feeling, we decided to do things a little differently – over the past month, we’ve uploaded a new track to stream or download each weekday. Now the compilation is sequenced and available to download in its entirety – there’s anthems and obscurities, bangers and ballads, fresh-faced teenagers making a racket alongside grizzled veterans with new projects.

We saw more submissions this year than any year previous, and it broke our hearts to leave some tracks off – thanks so much not only to the bands featured, but to everyone who submitted music or tipped us off to their local sounds.

Tracklisting and download links below:

Awesome Feeling 5

01. Golden Awesome – “Astronomy”
02. Cool Cult – “Tomorrow”
03. Mellow Grave – “Burn One”
04. Orchestra Of Spheres – “Hypersphere”
05. Swervy – “Wine’n’Clap”
06. quarks! – “Lost In Spin”
07. Moppy – “Big Bad Wolf (ft MC Cute Banana)”
08. Spelunks – “Relaxed Geometry”
09. Mr. Biscuits – “New Song”
10. Teen Hygiene – “Self Diagnosin'”
11. Sharpie Crows – “Endless Empty Eye”
12. Delaney Davidson – “How Lucky You Are”
13. Las Tetas – “Swallow The Key”
14. Autumn Splendour – “Toby”
15. Onesie – “Eric and Dylan”
16. Slave To Lo-Fi – “Afraid”
17. Ashei – “Shelter”
18. Beastwars – “Damn The Sky”
19. pseudorobustus – “So Toward Our Myth’s Oblivion”
20. Nothing To Nobody – “Push On”

Download Awesome Feeling 5


  1. That Hulkshare site isn’t working for me…anyone got a torrent?

  2. Bentel says:

    Awesome, cheers guys!

  3. Duncan says:

    So glad you guys kept this alive, and did so entirely in the spirit (if not elevating it somewhat) of the original concept. Seems like a noble undertaking, particularly in light of what was going on with Groove Guide in the background.

  4. the richards says:

    who did the arts for the front cover?

  5. Oh is it gone? Is there a way of getting my hands on that still?

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