Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad: Drew Neemia ‘Get Over You’

Every week, a panel of writers for The Corner will focus on a bunch of recently released local singles and grade them. We call it Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad. Read through the panelists thoughts below and let us know what you think of the song in the comments section.

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[Grade: 3.0]

Gemma Syme: DREW NEEMIA?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? FUCK. THAT. “You’re like a drug?” You need to take some drugs and expand your horizons cause that is some grade A shit you are producing fool. Holy shit all I can do is swear and cry. It’s like the weakest pop coming out of america processed through a blanding machine and then cut with talcum powder. [1] – and only because I liked the tempo. Suck my dick.

Lucy Zee: A lot of us forget that Drew Neemia comes from a musical background, being one of the esteemed Super Troupers in the late 90s his sole job on there was to sing and dance. Perhaps this song isn’t the most creative, the lyrics are uninspired and tediously generic. Instrumentally it’s not fresh or even catchy, but people will listen to it and it will get the plays and views and the discussions. And it will probably get remixed and people will dance to it in clubs. From a financial and marketing point, that’s already a success. The targeted audience for this single is the same one that his TV show shares, so if anything we should be applauding his decision to go down this road of “perky NZ pop music”, he’s taken the initiative to start a music career for a ready fanbase. If we just look at this as Drew experimenting within the genre and on a journey to discovering his own sound then I think it’s not the most terrible song that’s come out of New Zealand. [6]

Kim Gruschow: A seemingly down to earth dude gets a lobotomy and pop makeover, with an expired aesthetic that sits somewhere between Liberty X and Linkin Park without guitar or rap. The look is completed with clown/trash American hockey mask iconography and buzzword “Twisted”. It’s like something Britney might have rejected a few years before K-Fed. [2]

Tim Gentles: Pretty timeless theme, I guess. Yet tackled here in the most sterile way possible. Maybe the video, which situates itself in the realms of a vaguely dystopic corporate anonymity, is colouring my view here, but every move – from Drew’s falsetto, to the S&M overtones, to the, uh, Gaga-esque masked dancers – seems rehearsed and overdone to the point of exhaustion. Even the sex the video wants to evoke looks boring. This is pop music if it were made by robots, but not in the good way – really, really mediocre robots. [2]

Sam Valentine: The vocals and production are as bland and uninspiring as Drew’s personality as a television host. Give me JGeek any day. Dude can backflip though. [1]

Louie G: Why are people hating on this guy? Have you heard ‘Google Song’? At least Drew has a job and looks good in a suit. Don’t know about the “so sexual” line though. You used to be on Sticky TV dude – nobody wants to hear about Big Bird getting a blowjob. [5]

Chelsea Nikkel: I don’t hate this at all. Drew is clearly nothing more than a muppet with a subtle 2011 adaption on the fauxhawk and a nice new suit from Little Brother so I suppose I’m judging whatever production team wrote and / or produced this song. It’s manufactured to hell, cliche and soulless but it is catchy and it’s executed well for what it is. I can definitely imagine me and Grant having a grand old time checking out raven haired beauties at the bar while drinking Coopers Pale Ales and dancing to this at Ponsonby Social Club or even DOC bar. And I must say I find it mildly amusing a fair amount of the general public seems to consider this song as some kind of insult to their intelligence, as it’s no more manufactured than a lot of commercial pop that myself and other New Zealanders enjoy listening to (without feeling the need to click the YouTube down thumb). Definitely a step / backflip up from Rebecca Black however stand / backflip it up next to a Timberlake, Robyn or even a Backstreet Boys single and it’s still a [5]

Matthew McAuley: Some people seem to really hate Drew on a personal level for his work on C4/Four, I’ve never really understood that, but this is unlikely to win him any conversions. On the other hand, it’s probably gonna be absolutely adored by his entire fanbase, and maybe some people that don’t watch DREW AND SHANNON LIVE everyday but loved him on MCDONALDS YOUNG ENTERTAINERS or at COCA COLA CHRISTMAS IN THE PARK will buy it on iTunes. For me, this is entirely inoffensive and (only) slightly memorable. The fax machine synths are pretty grating, but given that if I ever hear this it’ll probably be in a car on the motorway, I probably won’t notice/care. [5]

Michael McClelland: People should stop judging. He’s trying something new which other New Zealand artist haven’t tried.. He’s pretty much doing what all the main stream artist do like NeYo & Chris Brown sex sells and we all know that. He’s a talented singer just deal with it.. -PriyaNandani, 1 day ago. 13 thumbs up. [0]

Hussein Moses: Not the smoothest transition from TV presenter to national pop star, and that’s possibly part of the reason this hasn’t really popped. Anyone else notice that it hasn’t debuted on the top 40 chart yet? You would think that with 37,000+ Facebook fans it wouldn’t be that hard, right? He’s got the whole package though: handsome, can actually sing, has an audience etc, but the song’s more ‘adult’ themes (“so sexual…”) come across as forced. For a guy that’s in his mid-20’s this might come across as an identity crisis, but it’s not. It’s just that we’ve all spent some time watching Select Live and seen how fun and goofy he is so why choose a song that seems so out of character? His audience needs to be eased into this. We want to see something that reflects who he actually is since he’s spent so much time showing us that he’s a charming dude. This just doesn’t succeed in its goal, which is to be both suggestive and pleasing – instead it comes across as indifferent because there’s not much to gain from it. Hope he’s got some slow jams planned though. [3]


  1. Kenickie says:

    How much does it cost to hire Ironbank out for a night?

  2. First of all, let’s cut to the chase regarding the video. It’s awful. I wonder if there’s some sort of internship for film school grads at the big music labels because it seems almost obligatory for any Kiwi artist to have an accompanying clip that defies all logic and taste. Having said that, Get Over You is a nice slice of cyber nu-wave pop, the kind of slithery club banger that Usher or Nee-Yo specialize in. It may not have the same production values as those artists but money can’t buy enthusiasm and Drew’s willful and needy vocal is perfectly pitched. Get Over You is pretty clear with its influences and I can hear elements of late career Michael Jackson (in particular, the beat is clearly inspired by Rodney Jerkins) and Timbaland. Drew’s television persona has always had a certain neverland quality, in the Peter Pan sense, and the adult lyrical content provides shock value and a great counter to that squeaky clean image. The Dinosaurs on panel smirk and claim this has yet to chart. But of course this track won’t chart (do charts still even exist?) because the kids who will eat it up have already downloaded it for free from Limewire or directly from YouTube and it’s the soundtrack to their online chats as we speak.


    • Dan Taipua says:

      Didn’t Limewire shut down in 2010?

      I usually like your straight/factual input Grant, but between this and Louie’s ‘number one’ gaff it might be worth stepping back a minute to check things first.

      • Hi Dan. Probably best you gave yourself a breather after that review of @Peace in the last column (you can tell me now if that was an intentional piece of internet absurdism). As for my so called gaffs, I think everyone knows you’re just arguing semantics. When someone says a “number one smash”, it’s not always taken as literal. It generally refers to a big hit. And substitute Limewire could be SoulSeek or Torrents or MP3 Blog. The devil is not in the details on this one Taipua. But thanks for your input.

      • Dan Taipua says:

        I’m not disagreeing, you’re just incorrect.

        You don’t need to make up things to support your opinion, at this point you’ve the creedence to plainly state your tastes.

      • Dan Taipua says:

        Also, no one uses Soulseek any more – only dads.

        The equivalent would be substituting Facebook for Friendster – these are precise terms that reveal a disconnect from the youth culture you’re trying to reference.

      • Dan, 2010 was only last year. Up until that point. Limewire was a magnet for the singles market. People went on Limewire to get songs rather than whole albums. Sure, I’m six months too late. But woods and trees Dan, woods and trees.

      • Dan Taipua says:

        So, Limewire doesn’t exist – where are kids downloading this from?

        (Protip: they’re not)

      • Noodle says:

        Despite the service being officially shut down, it is still possible to use Limewire, and some people still do.

      • Noodle says:

        But there is a delicious irony in Grant namedropping Limewire in an attempt to appear down with the kids.

      • Michael McClelland says:

        still loving the personal attacks, grant, but i’d have to say dan’s review was my favourite from @peace.

        oh, and the reason is definitely because i’m on the panel.

    • That thing where people use ‘number one smash’ for a song that didn’t hit number one isnt reaaally a thing. File sharing effects other artists on the charts too obv, if you could take file sharing into account across the board I wouldn’t be surprised to see a relative drop in his overall chart position. File sharing ain’t what’s keeping this out of the top 40

      • Dan Taipua says:

        If ANYONE can provide 10 separate, tenable links to a download for this single I will personally send you a hard copy of Drew Neemia’s album when it’s released.

        I’ll also donate the equivalent RRP to the charity of your choice.

      • “These are precise terms that reveal a disconnect from the youth culture you’re trying to reference”

        All day

  3. Has Gemma Syme taken Luke Warms place as most inarticulate and irrelevant panel member? And thanks for the shout out Chelsea!

    • Progger says:

      Hopefully Gemma gets to finish every review with “[1] – and only because . Suck my dick.”

    • Noodle says:

      The panel seems a strange mix of intelligent, articulate regular reviewers, and total boneheads who pop up every couple of weeks.

  4. Pretty crap song really, worse than “Loud” just so . . . nothing going on, who is this kid? He’s just some kid from TV put in a suit who does a backflip. It’s just so safe and tepid the only thing I liked was how the post production and lighting means it doesn’t feel quite as cheap as it is. The dancing Jason’s got old after about 4 seconds. I don’t know which label put the scant backing behind this, but they’re making no effort because there’s no will to take a risk, just serve up some NZ pop for tweens to be into and fill the quotas. This doesn’t even feel smart or calculating enough to be called cynical, it’s totally dialled in. Seriously, I’m starting to appreciate Dane Rumble more and more. Even True Bliss’ “Tonight” had more nuts than this. Y’know? Write a decent song, Dr Luke shits them out in his sleep.

    Nice spotting Grant on the post quincy MJ tip, helped me make slightly more sense of it.

    • Michael McClelland says:

      you can spot a bit of MJ choreography going on in the video too

      • Yeah, I think he pulls it off. Yes, there is a hint of amateurishness that pervades the song but I that gives it a certain kind of number eight wire quality and actually dispels the notion that some evil puppeteer is pulling the strings while Drew dances like a monkey. I wouldn’t be surprised if, during the course of his career, Drew hasn’t got himself a whole lot of contacts and this was put together by roping in a whole lot of favors.

      • matthew says:

        michael jackson was an african american pop singer, who was also well known for his dancing. hits included the number one smash “remember the time”

  5. Benjii Jackson says:

    Oh Gemma….

  6. I love that New Zealanders have nothing better to do than rip down their own artists, it’s so unbelievably sad. I’ve read all of the comments above and it reads of people desperately unhappy in their own lives….so miserable they feel the need to take to their computer and vent their frustration and anger over a music video?? yes, that’s how sad you all are, even more sad is that you end up arguing between yourselves! As years go by Drew Neemia will still be around singing, presenting and making money and you lot will be huffing and puffing behind your computer screens trying to make a difference in the world with your unqualified, uneducated opinions. Too funny.

    • drew neemia says:

      i googled drew neemia and i found this and now i am STEAMING MAD

    • um. no he wont.

    • Actually it seems like half the reviewers are really dispassionate in reviewing this, so I dunno about the anger and frustration you’re speaking of. Maybe boredom is the word?

    • Michael McClelland says:

      i agree.

      on a side note, who else is excited for next New Zealand Music Month (the best month of the year)?

      • thomarse says:

        I love NZ Music Monthse Michael.
        Oh, and Lisa, we also masturbate alot.

  7. phone says:

    after a few listens, the pre-chorus/bridge is starting to sound pretty good, but the main hook just never quit opens it up. it needs a Oh My God or Meet Me Halfway or Yeah x3 kind of hook, a cheap shot “oh oh oh oh” just to really hammer the thing home. but it doesn’t have one.

    i don’t find the sexual nature of the lyrics shocking – just a bit cringing. i guess it comes across more like ticking off criteria – synthy beat sounds a bit sex-electro, might as well throw some sleaze around. like that Liberty X song from years ago, “sexy…. everything about you is so sexy”. sure, it’s working to the standard lyrics of the genre but somehow it doesn’t feel quite right.

    although it just occurred to me that his sexy-talk probably appeals hugely to his fans (and feels very muchly quite right), just like when a previously squeaky-clean female pop star starts singing about huffin’ wangs. yeah. just like that. what?


  8. Benjii Jackson says:

    Just as a response to Dan – I still use Soulseek man! Just not for singles; there’s actually a fair amount of good alternative music on there worth checking out.

    Dad alternative music but hey, it’s still alternative!

  9. Gareth Shute says:

    It seems like there’s a clear divergence between the panelists who reviewed this as a creative work (and scored it around 1) and those that took it on face value as a pop single (and scored it around 5). It’s true that it should get no points for being original or creative. But as a pop single, it fulfills the basic requirements: (1) it’s catchy enough that it’s possible to remember the song after one listen; and (2) it’s well produced enough to be played on radio. Though it’s fair enough for the panelists to decide what approach they want to take toward rating a song.

    As for the video, it feels too much like a parody. It seems like Drew wanted to keep it a bit tongue-in-cheek in case the whole song went down in flames. Then he could write it off as a joke. As a result, it seems half-hearted. Though at least he didn’t just go for bland professionalism (him singing in a moodily-lit room, with cut-away shots of the girl).

    • Michael McClelland says:

      i feel as though if all music is provided the benefit of the doubt, you might as well give it all a big fat [10]. ‘for what it is’, it is what it is, but ‘what it is’ isn’t always a get out of jail free card.

      • if i had to judge your band i would gently say ,it could be a good idea to buy some half decent mics, a good equalizer & think about not just using the first vocal takes you record….i know you want to be nirvana & all but even they had standards boy.

      • Gareth Shute says:

        But some music fails as “what it is” and some succeeds as “what it is”. This song does an average job on its own terms [5 or 6]. It’s only when you bring in aspirations for the song that it’s writers didn’t intend that it fails entirely [0]. I think you can judge it from either viewpoint as long as you’re clear that’s what you’re doing. It might come across as a little hard-hearted though.

      • kthnx says:

        why Don, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said

      • Noodle says:

        I don’t think it deserves any points at all for being “what it is”, when “what it is” is a steaming pile of shit. The old adage about polishing a turd is appropriate here. In fact, I’d disagree that it’s catchy or well produced enough to get any points even on the “judge it as a pop song, not as real music” scale. [0] for me, however I look at it.

      • Gareth Shute says:

        Well, I guess I can’t argue with that. If you really don’t see anything that anyone might like in this song, then it has failed as a pop song. If Dan is right about how few people have purchased/downloaded the track then perhaps you’re right.

        In terms of catchiness, my point was that I find it possible to remember how the song goes having only heard it a couple of times. That isn’t something I can say about quite a bit of the pop that they review on this panel (and is one reason why Kimbra’s track stood out and why she went on to win the pop prize of an international songwriting competition:

        I do sometimes wonder whether reviewers on this panel are just listening to these tracks on headphones plugged into their computer. Surely a pop/dance track would sound better on a real stereo with a proper bass sound? That goes twice as much for hip hop tracks.

        But I’m really not trying to make a case for this track or attempting to disagree with the reviewers. I was just speculating about the reviewing process. I’m sure Neemia has a long career as a presenter ahead of him, so he probably doesn’t need anyone to defend his experiments in music. Who knows, maybe Hussein is right and the dude has a killer slow jam up his sleeve…

  10. does any one else think his name sounds like a venereal disease that spits venom?

  11. GEMMA SYME says:


  12. Chewie Lewis says:

    My favorite part is where he gets in the elevator and quicky taps the G button.

  13. Jeremy says:

    Grant, your words are reading like that of a stuck up cunt. Just calm down, take a step back and look at what your doing.

    Alsom the guy who made the video is Shae Sterling, a personal friend of mine. He made the video based on what Drew wanted also, dont forget that it was on a low budget. You can NOT create a MASSIVE video in New Zealand on the tiny budgets they have.
    He works had to do what he does and he does it damn well for what he gets paid to do. He has done videos for Brooke Fraser, JGeek & The Geeks, Maisey Rika and more… Bashing him for this is not cool, he did what he was told. I highly doubt you could do anywhere near what he has made. So zip ya lip.

    Drew is a nice guy, this song would be better suited to Dane Rumble or something. Drew should not have tried harder not to fit into an already over-cooked genre and have such a standard, crappy pop song.

  14. Progger says:

    Is there some kind of meta-narrative going on in the video to do with NZ after-school kids TV hosts and being chased around by a bunch of Evil Jasons? And if so where’s Thingie?

  15. chelsea says:

    sup grant

  16. Noodle says:

    Ooh, so that’s why people hate him.

  17. Hamish says:

    Oh for goodness sake Grant.
    Calm your tits.

  18. what Noodle said…here +1

    I don’t think it deserves any points at all for being “what it is”, when “what it is” is a steaming pile of shit. The old adage about polishing a turd is appropriate here. In fact, I’d disagree that it’s catchy or well produced enough to get any points even on the “judge it as a pop song, not as real music” scale. [0] for me, however I look at it.

  19. Dan Taipua says:

    I’m a little disappointed that no one on the panel or in the comments knows who the Jabbawockeez are. ‘Jason mask’?

    • i dunno mate. hockey masks aren’t really the same as those neutral masks. are they?

    • just cos we didn’t reference the obvious hockey mask rip of the jabbawockees doesn’t mean we don’t know who they are, but hey…

      …it gives you a chance to show you know who they are and express your disappointment over the rest of us who don’t give a shit

      congrats, you win the internet champ…

  20. Dan Taipua says:

    In all seriousness, some moves bear a similarity to the Putties

  21. Wow overly harsh. Yea its pretty bad, but perhaps you should find some writers that give nondescript nonsense such as “suck my dick”. Seriously, do you have an ounce of writing skills?

  22. Hilarious….not the video, I actually LOVE that….what is funny though, are the neanderthals on this site! You got it in one Lisa, the saddest bunch of ‘so called’ critics I have ever stumbled across….almost makes ya wanna send a whole lotta lovin’ their way huh.

    It’s a who can talk it up the most, situation we have going on here. All the while,steaming up their screens breathing hot and heavy to this vid, headed (oh that’s right) by little ‘Thomarse’ spanking his monkey til it croaks….and Gemma Syme??? Who the F**K is this?? Respect your what?? You are a girl with a dick for god sake….pull mine bitch….

    Who gives a rats ass what negative thoughts you have swirling around in the cesspool you call minds… are MINDLESS NOBODYS with obviously unfulfilled, pathetic lives who have all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.

    If any of you wrote a book, I would waste no time reading it! You are not only dull, you cause dullness in others! Most of you are a shiver, looking for a spine to run up!

    My advice to you is: Love nature, in spite of what it did to you. Most of you have Van Gogh’s ear for music anyway!

    I bid you all adieu….I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it!!!

    Hey….Get Over You-rselves!!! ha ha

  23. Missy says:

    Hahaha LOVING Jess, too cool mate and the ‘so called signatures by Drew’, like he would actually bother to respond. It’s illegal to impersonate you know!!! Seems to me, a LOT of people can’t let it go….I think it’s called OBSESSION lol

    No wonder New Zealander’s are leaving this country in droves….so many LONELY wannabe’s have nothing better to do than hate on their own. It’s never going to stop and there are going to be some sad old hacks in retirement homes getting beat up on….it’s called ‘KARMA’ think about it!!

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