Meese “Pieces Of You, Pieces Of Meese”

I’ll just start with saying this, I really like this album. I love Pavement and Sebadoh, who along with Superchunk (who I haven’t listened to) are mentioned in their bio and you can definitely hear their influence on the band at any point in the album. Meese would fit well in a 90s American college radio playlist as is mentioned in almost every other review of this album or band. Alex’s accent works in favour of this, giving it more authenticity I guess. Every song is pretty similar, same bright guitar tone, similar melodies, similar drums, and similar changes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a lot of my favourite albums all follow a strict formula. It would be nice to see potential to do something different though. My hang up about this album is that it just emulates something that has been done. Meese neither have the absolute beauty of Pavement nor the weirdness of Sebadoh which made both of those bands amazing. Meese definitely write good songs, there is no doubt about that, but I would never put this album on when I could listen to Slanted and Enchanted or Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock. If I had never listened to those albums, this one would blow me away. This album will be one of those albums which will be known as “good for a band from New Zealand” and Meese are doing something which not many other New Zealand bands are doing so if they can pull this off live then they would be a breath of fresh air in the sometimes samey gig scene. All that being said this is a very strong debut album from a group of young musicians, I look forward to whatever they do next. [B+]

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