Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad: Jupiter Project ‘Catch Me’

Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad is a column which sees a panel of writers for The Corner review a range of local singles and grade them out of 10. Check out the song below, read through their opinions and let us know in the comments section your own thoughts and what you’d like us to review next time around.


[Grade: 5.4]

Adam Burns: Heavily recalls the feel-good pop gestures of Kid Cudi’s debut and the production seems to achieve a lot with a little with sly cosmic flourishes that kinda bring to mind Hudson Mohawke’s dayglo funk. In contrast, you can take or leave the grounded, super-polite delivery that searches for an all-encompassing thematic humdrum. It’s harmless stuff that would struggle to lure noise control. [6]

Dan Taipua: Dude does sound a lot like Cudi, but there’s none of his maudlin present. This is a nice, bright pop track – like a rap version of 48 May. The production is a bit light, and the lack of sing-along chorus keeps it from bangin’, but ‘Catch Me’ will definitely get some TV time. It’s a pretty good showing for a debut single, I’m genuinely interested to see where they’ll go from here. [5]

Matthew Plunkett: I don’t expect that this will be my ‘jam’ any time soon. They actually rhyme ‘utopia’ with ‘grope her’ – I don’t think that is right, is it? The word ‘Project’ in the title is the only thing positive about the song because it suggests that this group is of a temporary nature – a mere one off experiment in the wild madness that is lame BEP inspired chart pop. [1]

Leiana Heather: This track is pretty cute. I’m down any time for a solid pop song that I can harmonize with while fist pumping slash driving slash pretending to be a baller in my 1995 forest green Volvo Sedan. The Jupiter Project have a good thing going on and I think they’re going to bring da ruckus in the future. Hope they make it to the Mai FM playlists soon … I’m getting so sick of Gym Class Heroes playing (what feels like) every five minutes. [7]

Phyllis Gabor: This song is really catchy, I think they tryna be like NZ’s version of Example, but with a more laid-back party time sound. And like Example they’re doing a real trendy thing which I think is called “half-singing”; they’re not singing and they’re not rapping, they’re just saying words to a tune. It’s what guys who can’t sing do, and is pretty damn lame, but is all the rage with other dudes who can’t sing (aka nearly all dudes) and want to be able to sing along with their fav song for once. This song has all the right shit to be a hit: the half-singing (as pioneered by Drake), tinny kaka generic “electro sound”, and cool dudes in button ups and baseball and snappy caps. I think it’s pretty much on the same level as Wiz Khalifa’s recent efforts ‘No Sleep’ and ‘Young, Wild and Free’, which is a pretty solid start for a local act. [6]

Luke Jacobs: I really want to like radio friendly pop but the artists and producers make it so hard for me. It all sounds so forced and hollow when all I want is fun and a little bit of heart. I gave this song a few goes before my ice cold heart did melt a little and I actually felt like it worked. For a pop song that’s generally not a good sign – they have about 20 seconds to get the listener or else it’s over. Slick production and bounchy synths all round, but why did it take me time to get into it? The lyrics were just a little forced on some of the couplets and the chorus isn’t that strong but as a whole it works, it just needs time to settle. In top 40 that usually means the death-knell but since most of this stuff is pap I actually want the Jupiter Project to make it. [7]

Eamonn Marra: I have a soft spot for really chill sounding hip hop which I guess is an umbrella term this could fit under, but this annoys me. Nothing about this song is genuine; the autotune, the fake American accent, the beat that sounds like a GarageBand loop and the copycat nature of the song. It sounds like something I would hear if I was walking past Hallensteins. [3]

Stephen Clover: 1. Damn man it’s only March and I thought we’d already found this year’s ‘You’ll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties’ but then I heard that new Homebrew shizz so yeah. 2. I trust one of my august colleagues will proffer explanation as to NZ On Air involvement. [3]

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