Latest NZ On Air Funding Decisions – April 2012


The latest NZ On Air funding decisions are in for April. This month saw 34 projects (out of the 93 applications) get the go-ahead for Making Tracks funding which will see 14 artists receive up to $10,000 for recording a song and making a video and the other 20 artists will receive $6,000 to make a video. Find the full list below.

The following artists and projects will receive up to $10,000 to record a song and make a video:

Beach Pigs/Night Surfing
Bury Me Low/The Wolf & The Moon
Dukes/My Two Feet
Earthworm/The Magpies
Heart Attack Alley/Don’t Waste My Time
Jamie McDell/Rewind
Late Nyte Hype/Revelations
Maitreya/Wake The Neighbours
N.O.X. featuring Tyson Tyler/Mosh
Sidney Diamond/No Sympathy
Thought Creature/Smoke Machine
Young Lyre/Both Burn Blue

The following artists and projects will receive $6,000 to make a video:

Aaradhna/Wake Up
AHoriBuzz/Ground My Ego
Alizarin Lizard/Not Addicted
Black City Lights/Parallels
Cobra Khan/In Frays We’re Tied
Dictaphone Blues/Spicy Fruit Loaf
Drew/Feel Alright
Mel Parsons/True Story
Pieter T/It Would Be You
School For Birds/Before Sunrise
Sherpa/I’m Happy Just To Lie
Steve Abel/Best Thing
Sun & The Wolf/You
The Black Seeds/Cracks In Our Crown
The Disco Three/Kinda Lovin’
The Eversons/Marriage
Tono & The Finance Company/Marion Bates Realty
Victoria Girling-Butcher/Night Scout
Zowie/Ping Ping

The panel for this month:

Aaron Hawkins (Radio One)
Matt Gibb (TVNZ U)
Leonie Hayden (Rip It Up)
Nick Atkinson (Radio New Zealand National)
David Saunders (Christchurch Jazz School)
Andrew Buckton (Studio 203)

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