Awesome Feeling 6: The Shocking and Stunning ‘Danger!!’

The Shocking and Stunning are best listened to loud. Two members, a synth, a sampler and a drumkit make noises so earth moving and hypnotic they leave you in a trance long after the music has stopped.

Formed in Christchurch in 2008 by friends Jack Hooker and Sam Lovrich-Fitzpatrick, they were influenced by drone music and  intended to replicate the huge sound and energy usually made by guitars on synthesizers and drums. They’ve since moved to Wellington and grown immensely – they’ve crafted songs out of bedroom jams, focused on creating unique and powerful patches, and become a favourite in the local scene. They’ve played at countless parties, released two amazing EPs and played a much talked about set in the forest at Camp a Low Hum.

‘Danger!!’ is a brand new single and a powerful song from start to finish. Coming in at just under two and a half minutes, they make up for the relatively short length with a clear intensity. It’s a great introduction to the band for new listeners, and an exciting glimpse of things to come for old ones.

Live the band are a different beast altogether, offering an experience like no other. The thundering drums and the huge bass move the room while spacey highs draw you in and krautrock like repetition leave you in a meditative state, oblivious to everything happening around you. At the end of their set you will be wondering how long they played for and what you were even thinking at the time.

Their three-date tour also starts at Wellington’s Bodega bar tonight with fellow noise-makers Sunken Seas. The rest of those dates continue over the weekend and you can find all the details at Under The Radar.

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From 2007, Real Groove magazine released four Awesome Feeling compilations, showcasing a diverse and exciting range of underground local talent. The Cornerdecided to pick up on that for the fifth volume and we’re back again for round six. We’ll be revealing one new artist/track every weekday throughout May, and posting the entire compilation for download at the end of the month.


  1. matthew says:

    “muse are really great”

  2. Sam C. says:

    Love it but did they rip their name from The Naked And Famous?? Or is this a coincidence?

  3. Eamonn Marra says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s just a coincidence, they were called The Shocking and Stunning Statement up until a year or so ago when they dropped the statement.

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