Awesome Feeling 6: Bow Arrow ‘Glass’

Matt Scheurich began Bow Arrow while recovering from a near death experience. An attack on him that came from nowhere, in the middle of nowhere and left him with serious wounds both physical and emotional. That’s why listening to ‘Glass’ is such an intense experience. The music is a product of where he is now and it is gripping. ‘Glass’ is filled with drama, movement and contrasting texture.

This track, and his soon to be released second album Aleph Null sees him try to articulate his new found passion for the Krautrock era of David Bowie, the slippery synths of Japan and other music he listened to heavily while bed-ridden for six weeks.

Listening to this track and having seen the now Wellington-based Bow Arrow live at the Borderline Radio Festival, one comes away impressed at how this music that explores some very dark places leaves you feeling uplifted. In that aspect it fulfills the role of catharsis, but it leaves the sense of being more than that.

There is a narrative in ‘Glass’ that begins to slowly unravel as the song progresses and what makes it special is how that narrative is effortlessly whipped into a new shape or allowed to breathe quite suddenly. It sounds very ‘now’ yet its minimalist feel and cold production makes for some interesting comparisons to yesteryear. It looks forward to a new day perhaps because the day before is difficult to forget or even understand. The emotions of the song-writer are clear and evident. It feels raw, challenging but most of all relevant. Not just for the song-writer, but for us.

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From 2007, Real Groove magazine released four Awesome Feeling compilations, showcasing a diverse and exciting range of underground local talent. The Cornerdecided to pick up on that for the fifth volume and we’re back again for round six. We’ll be revealing one new artist/track every weekday throughout May, and posting the entire compilation for download at the end of the month.


  1. Martyn Pepperell says:

    Great to see this up here.

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