Awesome Feeling 6: BnP ‘Jamie Stratton’s Live Exorcism’

Cynics, like most extremophilic organisms, thrive in conditions detrimental to most life on earth. Usually this means comments sections, but occasionally a few get together and start a really cool band. For once, it sounds somebody is taking advantage of their uninhabitable setting – BnP are making the most of their sarcastic selves with clashing, banging determination on their first album, Welcome to Mediocrity.

There isn’t a lot of need for explanation, actually. Even their now-abbreviated name, Bits N’ Pieces, sums them up well enough as the really interesting result of things being hacked apart and stuck together. It’s almost cartoonish with the amount of random film samples and exaggerated stabs of noise swooping by. There’s a decisively choppy guitar sound that somehow manages to flavour hardcore punk with swamp, and I’m not sure how John Fogerty would feel about it. On top of it all, Stephen Neowens’ throaty agitation sounds like a really pissed off anthropomorphic bull with a huge fucking machete or some shit.

Such ideas often come across obnoxious when put to music, but the panicked, demented silliness of it all really catches you off guard this time. Something about it worked particularly well the last time they played up in Auckland – two or three songs into their set and the crowd was bouncing off the walls. It’s hard to imagine that wallowing in disenchantment could be so much fun, but this level of shitlessness shows that they’re proud of their apprehension. And then you get tracks like ‘In The Key Of Love’, oozing sogginess but ultimately providing a rewarding diversity. If BnP were writing this themselves, they’d have probably stopped writing ten sentences ago, but there really is a lot to get out of a band with such an immediate impact.

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From 2007, Real Groove magazine released four Awesome Feeling compilations, showcasing a diverse and exciting range of underground local talent. The Corner decided to pick up on that for the fifth volume and we’re back again for round six. We’ll be revealing one new artist/track every weekday throughout May, and posting the entire compilation for download at the end of the month.


  1. Actual quote from BnP guitarist John Harris “seriously the bnp is the best band joke is over”… what the fuck does he know though

  2. Chris says:

    bnp are so good. in the key of love is incredible. so much <3

  3. Ibisnth O!teaocean says:

    <3 this is fucking rad. BnP are among the few bands worth listening to in NZ today imo.

  4. Rubbish Copland says:

    It’s actually the second record they have made besides the single.

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