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We got an early start on this year’s Awesome Feeling compilation, hoping to have a final list decided by the time we started posting at the beginning of May. It didn’t work out that way though – with so many great submissions and recommendations it was tougher than ever to cut it down to 20 tracks. There were still places to debate by the time we were down to the final five.

Over the month we presented you with the best new and emerging artists we could find, and with more contributors than usual involved this time around we were able to make sure the compilation was varied genre wise without comprising the basis what it was all about in the first place.

Thanks to everyone involved and especially to those who took the time to submit their tracks – we listened to every single one and trust us when we say that we were super bummed we couldn’t cover everything we wanted to.

You can find the tracklisting and download link below and you can also read through each write-up here. See you again next year!

Awesome Feeling 6

01 The All Seeing Hand ‘Geronimo’
02 BnP ‘Jamie Stratton’s Live Exorcism’
03 Grass Cannons ‘Cat Hair’
04 Purple Pilgrims ‘Side A’
05 Max & Raiza ‘Fed Up’
06 ChillStreet ‘LoveKids’
07 Black City Lights ‘Parallels’
08 Bow Arrow ‘Glass’
09 Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing ‘Feast Of Trumpets’
10 Robin ‘Through The Forest’
11 Sunken Seas ‘Paid Your Price’
12 Arc Of Ascent ‘Celestial Altar’
13 The Shocking and Stunning ‘Danger!!’
14 Cool Rainbows ‘Fake Tatoos’
15 Dartel ‘Been This Way’
16 St. Eden ‘Bitches’
17 Thieves ‘Soma Holiday’
18 Opposite Sex ‘La Rat’
19 Attic Sky’s ‘A Word For Missing Something Before It’s Gone’
20 The Dance Asthmatics ‘Tangerine’

Download Awesome Feeling 6

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  1. Brian King says:

    Always interested in compilations of NZ musicians

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