Princess Chelsea and Pikachunes Tour Diary #8

Earlier last month Princess Chelsea and her band, which includes Pikachunes (aka Miles Loveless), Jonathan Bree and Jamie Lee Smith, began their tour throughout Europe and the UK. Miles is also playing a bunch of his own shows too and he has been steadily writing and posting photos over on his Tumblr page detailing their experiences of being on the road.

We’ll be posting his tour diary on The Corner so be sure to check back in for regular updates. You can find a list of their confirmed tour dates (with more to come) over at the Lil’ Chief Records website.



We arrived by plane from Paris having had no sleep from the night before. Having been awake for so long and dealing with the stresses of two foreign airports, we all had a mid afternoon nap before heading to Circolo Degli for the show.

The venue was like no other. A bustling courtyard filled with small bars and various market stalls. An outdoor cinema sat adjacent to a large beer garden with the indoor gig venue tucked into one side.

The opening band were an Italian 3 piece called WOW. I thoroughly enjoyed their set. Strong rock and roll with telephone frequency vocals. Princess Chelsea played next, inviting the half drunk locals from outside into the bar. A strong turnout of around 400 made the show particularly enjoyable from an on stage perspective. A highlight of most Princess Chelsea shows is looking out over the crowd as they sing along to ‘Cigarette Duet’, which as we found out the Italians were quite good at.

I rounded off the live entertainment for the evening with a 45min Pikachunes set. By that time I was already sweating up a storm and a little tipsy. I got the crowd dancing which is always a main goal of mine for my own sets and ended up walking off stage happy with the performance.

We spent today being tourists once again. Seeing the sights (ruins) of Rome. The Coliseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps; all with enough time to eat some pizza/pasta and have a martini.

Tomorrow we are back to the UK to spend 12 days in London before the second leg of the tour. It will be a welcome rest, to take a breath and catch up properly with friends.

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