Silver Scroll Award 2012 Longlist Announced

The top 20 finalists in the running for this year’s Silver Scroll award have been announced, with nominees including Bic Runga, Opossom, Home Brew, Ruby Frost and uhhh Six60. The songs were chosen by “a selected panel of esteemed musical practitioners” and will now be voted on by APRA members to determine a shortlist of five songs. The winner of the award will be announced at a ceremony on September 13.

If you don’t recall, last year we sent Gareth Shute to write about the awards and film some footage of the cover songs.

APRA Silver Scroll 2012 Longlist via

Never Be Without You, written by Ben King. (Grand Rapids)
Everything is Beautiful and New, written by Bic Runga. (Bic Runga)
The Origin Of Slaves, written by Nick Gaffaney and Aaron Tokona. (Cairo Knife Fight)
Lead Me To The Light, written by Hayden Donnell. (Great North)
Datura, written by Tom Scott and Hayden Dick. (Home Brew)
Blind Eyes, written by Lisa Crawley. (Lisa Crawley)
Hibernate, written by Lydia Cole. (Lydia Cole)
Getaway Tonight, written by Kody Nielson. (Opossom)
Water To Ice, written by Jane de Jong. (Ruby Frost)
Fatal Flaw, written by Louis McDonald, Adam Quigley and Levi Heeringa. (Five Mile Town)
Hold On, written by Josh Fountain. (Get Well Soon)
Hopeful Dreamer, written by Jess Chambers. (Jess Chambers)
By Your Side, written by Jesse Sheehan. (Jesse Sheehan)
When It’s All Too Much, written by Lauren Mitchell. (LA Mitchell)
Anniversary Day, written by Jon Toogood and Julia Deans. (The Adults)
State Houses By The River, written by Adam McGrath. (The Eastern)
Girl In Stilettos, written by Anna Macdonald. (Annah Mac)
Outta Reach, written by Lindon McCormack. (Lindon Puffin)
Everything To Me, written by Stephanie Brown. (Lips)
Forever, written by Matiu Walters and Marlon Gerbes. (Six60)


  1. Who are some of these guys and how much did they pay to get in?

  2. Martyn Pepperell says:

    Haha, the “mainstream” or “mainstream style” entrants are probably thinking the same thing about the countercultural acts.

  3. counter-culture?

  4. Saying that – I have no idea who ‘Five Mile Town’, ‘Get Well Soon’ and ‘Lips’ are…

  5. Who will most likely be in the top five: Bic Runga, Annah Mac, Six60, Opossom, and Homebrew. It’s voted by other APRA members who will be too lazy to listen to the songs they haven’t heard of, so the most famous acts will simply be the finalists. I can’t bear to think that the Adults will make it, but even that might be a possibility.

    Who should be in the top five: Homebrew, Opossum, Ruby Frost, Great North, and Cairo Knife Fight.

    And the winner is- Bic Runga!!!


    Question of the year – would Homebrew have done better if they’d entered a more sensible song?

  6. It shouldn’t matter who you have or haven’t heard of. The Silver Scrolls are open to any APRA member and are supposed to be about song writing – not album sales or business acumen. This is not the VNZMA.

    In theory, some grandmother recording tunes on a cassette player in her garden shed should stand the same same chance as anyone else if her material is good enough. In theory.

  7. the silver scrolls ceased to be about songwriting when avalanche city won last year.

    actually some of the past winners (as far back as the 70s) are reeeeeally quite grim so i dunno where it’s prestige even came from. maybe because it’s ‘silver’ and a ‘scroll’, a kind of noble 2nd place, as opposed to a ‘gold record’

  8. Natalie says:

    Six60 for the win

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