Changes On The Way For Flying Nun Records

There’s been a bunch of rumours questioning Flying Nun’s future for the last few months and in the past weekend’s Sunday Star Times, Mike Alexander points out that Ben Howe – head of Arch Hill Recordings – will soon be involved with the label. Dub Dot Dash has the scoop and also makes mention that the business’s share allocation has recently changed, “which indicates a fresh influx of cash to Flying Nun from its shareholders, including Neil and Sharon Finn, and Graham Cockroft (ex Netherworld Dancing Toys)”.

For those needing a quick rundown,  Howe was involved in helping to buy back the label in 2009 before being ousted out of the deal by Roger Shepherd – he wrote a blog post about it that was since deleted but it made mention of a new strategy where Flying Nun and Arch Hill could work together. “Roger and I were going to start a new record label. Actually, we decided we were going to start two new record labels. One for new emerging artists and the other for re-issues and re-releases of the old good stuff. I would also keep Arch Hill going and the three labels would work together, complimenting each other”.

There’s no official word around Roger Shepherd’s future with the label or what Howe’s involvement with Flying Nun will be, but as Andrew Schmidt points out, Howe has a lot to bring to the table. You can read the full Mysterex post “Change Needed At Flying Nun Records” here.

In other semi-related news, Neil and Liam Finn are rumoured to have recorded a song for The Hobbit.

UPDATE: Flying Nun just announced on their website that Ben Howe will become general manager when they move the label to Auckland.  “The head office will now be located in Auckland, alongside Arch Hill Recordings. Ben Howe (from Arch Hill) will become general manager, Roger Shepherd will work as a consultant and shareholder (based in Wellington) and Matthew Davis will move to Auckland to carry on as the local label manager”.


  1. Dan Taipua says:

    Brief shout out to Sweetman, who floated this in June:

    The comment thread was pretty amazing when he put the link on FB

  2. very happy to see Flying Nun making a move to Auckland. I feel the label sits clmroftaboy alongside Arch Hill Records with Ben Howe as GM and Matthew Davies as label manager. Roger resides in his rightful place on the throne as the guru who guides all. Thankyou Roger, Ben, Matthew and partners for breathing life back into Flying Nun last year rescued from the dark dungeons of Warners.

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