Listen: Electric Fence “Start Of Music”

Electric Fence - Start Of Music

Here’s Start Of Music, the debut album from Electric Fence, a two-piece project from Louis Amos and Troy Naumoff. The duo recently played at Camp A Low Hum on Louis’ 10th birthday. Yes, you read that correctly.

We’ve got the album embedded below so you can take a listen – it’s available to purchase from Bandcamp for $10 and cassette versions of the album are also available by emailing the band at┬áHere’s some background on how they came together:

Started in early 2012 by then 8yo Louis Amos (you may know of his older brother Jeremy Amos of Rackets) and his 31yo brother-in-law Troy Naumoff. Basically Louis comes up with what he wants a song to sound like including all lyrics and then with Troy, they record each part after transposing what Louis sings or hums or taps out. Troy moved to New Zealand from Australia in late 2011, leaving behind his bands Dead Ants Trio / Rainbow and Paul Kidney Experience as well as being active in the Melbourne avant garde, jazz and noise scene.


  1. the album is damn awesome and the freshest thing i’ve heard in ages. probably coz the songs are written by a 10yo weird kid and its nice and raw.
    checked out their fb page and their releasing a 7″
    cant wait

    • louis says:

      thanks, glad you like it louis amos speaking, i’m the drummer and vocalist i’m the weird 1oyearold

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