Q+A: The All Seeing Hand

The All Seeing Hand

Holy wack un-insightful interview Hayden! What are you thinking? Well, with The All Seeing Hand currently touring our nation in support of their new album Mechatronics, I thought now a perfect time to ask the band some cute and quirky questions. If you want some real background, this interview is better.

I’ve never said this before and I hope it’s not completely askew, but David (Alphabethead), the turntable atmosphericist of the group, reminds me of a great big smiling puppy. Ben too, actually. He’s the band’s percussive backbone, and happy puppy or not, he drums like an alien has scrambled his DNA and replaced his arms with a dozen flailing tentacles. The throat-singer, Jonny, I don’t know so well, but I get the sense he’s an incredibly nice chap, and went to great lengths (and faraway places) to learn his craft. So here are the questions:

Who are you?

We are The All Seeing Hand.

What does an All Seeing Hand look like?

You cannot see The All Seeing Hand. The All Seeing Hand sees you.

What does an All Seeing hand sound/feel like?

You cannot hear the All Seeing Hand. The All Seeing Hand hears you. You cannot feel the All Seeing Hand. The All Seeing Hand feels you.

Why the makeup?

When performing we take our true form. In daily life, many layers of makeup are necessary to blend in.

What sights/smells/sounds/are your musics influenced by?

CRC 2-26.

What goes on tour?

The All Seeing Hand.

What stays on tour?

The All Seeing Hand.

What comes back from tour?

The All Seeing Hand.

Which New Zealand town is the weirdest?

Every New Zealand town outside of Marahau, the capital of the Republic of Te Hau, is extremely strange.

What is a politician made of?

Empty promises, cheese-laden smiles, tepid fluids, chicken cranberry and brie paninis, and a desperate 13-year-old Debating Team outcast who finally has a chance to feel important.

6th Mass Extinction, what makes this one so special?

This will be the most profitable mass extinction yet.


And on that bombshell, check out their tour dates.

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