The Indie Music Manager Video Game Is Finally Here

Indie Music Manger

For last year’s A Low Hmm: Pt. II, Duncan and Dan discussed the $287,460 of NZ On Air money to fund “Indie Music Manager”, a locally-made online video game that let’s you take on the role of manager to I Am Giant, Street Chant, Princess Chelsea and Tiki Taane.

Are you the world’s best Indie Music Manager? Can you take real bands and make them famous, while managing the egos, scandals, fans and glamour of the music industry? Record tracks, hire producers, do promos and go on tour. Create hits, top the charts and create the next MegaBand. Featuring four real music acts and four free albums worth of music – their fate is now in your hands.

It was funded back in early 2011 and it’s now it’s finally here. Play it online via their website or download the app for your iPhone/iPod.

Here’s the trailer:


  1. James says:

    Why does the intro video have paid advertising over the top of it? Did the 280k not cover the whole development or something?

    • Endsongs says:

      Monetization Everything – first rule of being an Indie Music Manager.

  2. holmes says:

    mind-boggling. bowel-voiding.

    what bugs me the most is the screaming whooping stadium rock crowd — for tiki taane? i am giant? i mean, maybe. if they were supporting whoever at Vector. six60 i could believe.

    i’m sure the hip as fuck in-game characters will have some rad phrases to bark at you too, whenever you try to steer the whole operation into the ditch. “you’ve already recorded your album. you’ve already recorded your album. street chant needs more publicity first.”

    a bit like one of those driving test simulators they used to have in libraries, where you’d hear the same recorded fail phrase (“woah, slow down, bro!”) over and over.

  3. holmes says:

    just noticed that even the grammar in the little multiple choice bits is crappy. THE GRAMMAR.

    also: this whole thing seems very Tearaway. i figure Lungfish will turn up somewhere.

    fake-edit: just looked up Tearaway. still exists?! in print form?!

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