Perfect Hair Forever

Brought to you by The Corner and NZ On Air, Awesome Feeling 7 is an online event running through NZ Music Month 2013, culminating in the release of a free downloadable compilation of 20 New Zealand songs and the words written about them. Each weekday for 20 days we’ll post streaming+downloadable tracks from emerging local artists, accompanied by artist and track profiles authored by Corner contributors.


Bubblegum music that realises that most gum ends up as rancid, trampled wads on the pavement, ‘SAD & BLUE”s sub-ninety second tantrum puts PERFECT HAIR FOREVER in the line of cartoon bands like the Archies or the Ramones or Lighting Bolt or the Mint Chicks; Garageband garage-rock that approaches 50s bodgie/greaser nostalgia via pixelated degration and anachronistic intensification rather than sepia-toned reverence & Ren Faire-style gestures of authenticity. Overdriven, tinny sonics reflect the apocalyptic emotional states of songs; ‘SAD & BLUE’ is from this May’s ZERO EP, following on from January’s PUKER & 2012’s O.K. COOL. New Zealand’s always been a dab hand at bedroom-industry loudness/luridness, and PERFECT HAIR FOREVER makes you wonder what Darcy Clay or Chris Knox would’ve got up to had they been able to restlessly spew releases out onto Bandcamp or Soundcloud. His primarily internet-based existence allows a considered visual aesthetic to embody the music, but this year saw him play his first live show since PERFECT HAIR FOREVER got off the ground in 2008 – keep an eye out for further local shows or an Aussie tour, as well as no letting up on new songs.

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