Awesome Feeling 7: Death & the Maiden ‘Dear ______’

Death and the Maiden

Brought to you by The Corner and NZ On Air, Awesome Feeling 7 is an online event running through NZ Music Month 2013, culminating in the release of a free downloadable compilation of 20 New Zealand songs and the words written about them. Each weekday for 20 days we’ll post streaming+downloadable tracks from emerging local artists, accompanied by artist and track profiles authored by Corner contributors.


They might self-describe as a ‘singer-synthwriter’ trio, but the near eight minutes of ‘Dear ____’ from Dunedin’s Death & the Maiden owes as much to club trackiness as traditional song form. The combination of drum machines, amniotic synth wash and guitars evoke select Hacienda-era Factory bands and the Sheffield Sound (think Section 25 or Chris & Cosey), while Lucinda King’s haunting, reverb-drenched vocals generate an incantatory power; a melancholy song about “that unsettling feeling of desire that exists somewhere at a distance – you can move any where in the world but it won’t change the distance between the self and that desire.” ‘Dear ____’ twins two separate strands of millenial Dunedin music – Dermarnia Lloyd’s ethereal vocals in Cloudboy, and the chiming, weightless guitars of HDU(2)’s ‘Amino’ (off the Memento Mori EP), as well as evoking Pig Out’s pre-Club Poems live epics.

Death & the Maiden was formed in March 2012 by Lucinda and Danny Brady, who had moved to Dunedin after Thought Creature’s return from the warehouse party wilds of Berlin, their plans were put on hold when Lucinda ended up in L.A. while on tour with The Blueness. In the interim, Danny began playing in the reformed Snapper with Hope Robertson (KOTAC/birdation), who played with Lucinda in nĂ¼-pigfuck trio Bad Sav – on Lucinda’s return, the three of them ended up gelling into a studio/live outfit at Dunedin’s iconic None Gallery, taking their name from the Edvard Munch painting (rather than the Schubert lied or the Polanski film or, as many would assume, the Verlaines anthem).

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  1. Luke Jacobs says:

    Wow this is just so good. I love the richness of it all. I think I have found my little anthem for the week.

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