Here’s What You Should Do This Weekend: 31 May

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Instead of forcing you to sift through an ocean of gig listings every weekend, here’s just the really good ones. We’ll try keep this as brief as we can.

ONGOING TOURS: Tiny RuinsBeastwars

Friday 31 May:

95bFM Fancy New Band showcase @ The Kings Arms / 9pm / Free [AKL]

w/ Doprah, Salad Boys, Lttle Phnx, Bloodbags, Trust Punks, Muirs

Considering the bands are two-thirds endorsed by our own Awesome Feeling comp, it wouldn’t be like us to disregard a lineup like this one. Salad Boys are back from Christchurch for the second week in a row, and after how great last Friday was at Cassette, you’d be a damn jerk to miss them this week.

Las Tetas & Tape Wolf 7″ Party @ Mighty Mighty  / 10.30pm / $5 [WGTN]

w/ Las Tetas, Tape Wolf

Surprisingly, Las Tetas don’t yet have anything officially released after two years together as a band. This stuff will do in the meantime, hopefully, but if you get a chance to see The Tits and The Tapes tonight at least you can finally get your hands on something real.

Beastwars @ Re:Fuel / 9pm / $15 (tickets) [DUN]

w/ Mountaineater, The Fu King

I believe “blood becomes fire” is a tour name only, which is disappointing for those expecting a spectacle of magic tricks and illusions. Same goes for those expecting wars between real, living beasts. Instead, we just get boring ol’ metal. But apparently it’s decent enough.

Saturday 1 June:

Semi-Permanent After Party @ Cassette 9 / 8pm / Free (with Semi-permanent ticket) $10 (without) [AKL]

w/ She’s So Rad, Randa

Now in its ninth year, Semi-Permanent is somewhat of a hub for Creative Types. If creating is your Type of Thing, you’ll know all about it already. The after-party promises a night full of Creative Types drunkenly harping on about their Creative Ambitions, but most importantly, Cool Bands.

Zen Mantra @ Mighty Mighty / 10pm / $5 [WGTN]

w/ Glass Vaults

Christchurch’s ever-youthful Zen Mantra has swirled its way into Mighty Mighty, bringing with it Glass Vaults, who have recently regathered their many musical limbs. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore I’m so tired

If this helpful listing isn’t helpful enough, you can check out these places for more stuff to do this weekend:

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Email your suggestions through here (no promises though).

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  1. Brooke (non-original) says:

    Or tonight in Wellington….
    Urbantramper, ORCHESTRA OF SPHERES and Joe Blossom at SFBH X

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