Here’s What You Should Do This Weekend: 7 June

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Instead of forcing you to sift through an ocean of gig listings every weekend, here’s just the really good ones. We’ll try keep this as brief as we can.

Friday 7 June:

Wine Cellar 9th Birthday @ Wine Cellar & Whammy / 8pm / $10 [AKL]

w/ Hide & Tallow, Great North, The Blood Bags, Tiny Ruins, Deer Park, PCP Eagles, Storehouse

New Zealand’s grimiest hive of scum and villainy celebrates 9 years of corruption and exploitation. Let there be many more. Featuring NZ’s most corpse-mutilating, bone-grinding black metal band, Tiny Ruins.

Die! Die! Die! @ Mighty Mighty  / 11pm / $10 [WGTN]

w/ Trixie (DJ)

Contrary to their name, this band is alive and well. Please do not let these notorious liars deceive you.

Saturday 8 June:

Parents & friends @ Lucha Lounge  / 9pm / $5 [AKL]

w/ The Cavemen, Dad Jokes, Kia Kaha Kids

PARENTS get a bad rap for their DAD JOKES, and their KIA KAHA KIDS might be ashamed, but at the end of the day, THE CAVEMEN

Big Rick @ The Darkroom  / 9pm / Free [CHCH]

w/ Salad Boys, Christian Rock

For those of you that didn’t check em out the night before in Dunedin (all of you), here’s your chance to witness obscure New Zealand alternative rock in its natural habitat. As if one subcategory wasn’t enough!

If this helpful listing isn’t helpful enough, you can check out these places for more stuff to do this weekend:

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Leave your gigs in the comments below, or email your suggestions through here (no promises though).

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