Here’s What You Should Do This Weekend: 21 June

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Instead of forcing you to sift through an ocean of gig listings every weekend, here’s just the really good ones. We’ll try keep this as brief (and as lazy) as we can.

Friday 21 June:

Rackets single release @ The Kings Arms / 8pm / $10 [AKL]

w/ Surf City, Las Tetas, The Raw Nerves

Last night Rackets released their most ambitious video to date (if you remember some of their older projects you’ll know this is an achievement), and with it, a single release party. “It’s hot, it’s exciting.” With a Hawaiian shirt contest and a star-studded local lineup like this, you’d be a massive shithead to not go. Everyone would hate you.  However, if you’re unfamiliar with (or confused by) their massive output from over the last three years, this helpful guide by Gareth Shute is a good introduction. Or take a look at this handy Top 5 to get you in the mood.

Evil Genius Beyonce Tribute Night @ Mighty Mighty  / 10.30pm / $5 [WGTN]

w/ Tommy Ill, Jeremy Taylor, Joe Blossom, The Digg, Connor McCabe, Beyonce’s Love Child, Lisa Tomlins + more  

I’m just gonna let this one speak for itself.

Space Dust @ Queens / 9pm / $5 [DUN]

w/ Old Psychiatrists Club, Bob Brannigan, Brother Love

Hey Dunedin kids, OPC are back in town!

Saturday 22 June:

BBQ @ Lucha Lounge / 9pm / $25 (UTR/Real Groovy) [AKL]

w/ Las Tetas, The Raw Nerves

Some overseas guy. Press release: “Critically acclaimed as one of the greatest one-man-bands in the world and an equally fine voice to match. He’s sure to pull all sorts of musical gems out of his treasure trove of a back catalogue.”

Four-way DJ Battle @ Puppies / 10pm / $10 [WGTN]

w/ DJs Prom Queen, Blink, Race Banyon, Totems

With an event page titled “Blink lost 30kgs, so you get 30kgs of free beer”, I don’t think I really need to justify this one to anybody.

If this helpful listing isn’t helpful enough, you can check out these places for more stuff to do this weekend:

Eventfinder / Cheese On Toast / Undertheradar / Mukuna / Groove Guide / The Fold

Leave your gigs in the comments below, or email your suggestions through here (no promises though).

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