Here’s What You Should Do This Auckland: 11 July

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Usually we put right here a big ol’ roundup of what’s worth checking out gig-wise. Given that tonight sees an incredible array of events over Auckland, I found it too hard to list just one. So here I am, posting them all, like a sucker. Other cities can find their own damn fun.

Friday 11 July:

Wilberforces 12″ release @ D.O.C. / 8pm / $10

w/ Civil Union

Don’t be a chump like me and leave your ‘Paradise Beach’ EP in the middle of the street accidentally. Added bonus for Civil Union, who also have some exciting/fresh/hot/new material hitting the information superhighway. Note to Wilbersupporters: According to their label, this whole thing will be over well before Kirin J Callinan takes the stage at Whammy later on.

Kirin J Callinan (AUS) ‘Embracism’ tour @ Whammy / 11pm / $15 (door) $10 (tickets)

w/ Dear Times Waste

Australian weird noise guy with his full band of Australian weird noise guys. CALH attendees and Whammy-goers might remember his last few NZ appearances, and the signed autographs he brought along with him. (Hopefully again?) I have heard great things.

Rackets @ Cassette 9 / 10pm / $10 (door) $5 (with bcard)

w/ Mary Gunn (AUS), Drop Dead Redhead

Rackets released a new single recently, and the rumours are true – it’s hot, it’s exciting. They’re playing with someone from Australia who I can’t find any real information about. If this weird unrelated blogspot page is anything to go by, perhaps we can expect someone will “make ladies happy and the world cuter with FUNN!”

Street Chant EP release @ Method and Manners Studio  / 9pm / $5

w/ Surf City, Males (DUN), DJ Joel Paydirt

In spite of my supposed conflict of interests, I can assure you as a writer and/or musician that the new Street Chant EP is subjectively commendable. [Somewhere between [1] and [10]]

If this helpful listing isn’t helpful enough, you can check out these places for more stuff to do this weekend:

Eventfinder / Cheese On Toast / Undertheradar / Mukuna / Groove Guide / The Fold

Leave your gigs in the comments below, or email your suggestions through here (no promises though).

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  1. Benza says:

    Hi all – see my chip ins below!

    Some conscious type hip-hop for your Friday will set you back half a tinny but should get you high. Third Eye got beats, rhymes & are apart of the Young, Gifted & Broke collective but also opening is live band The Free Piece collective who are pretty much freestylers of sound & play tasty grooves of soul, jazz, hip hop & rock…usually have MC’s jump on the mic & have a jam too

    Music @:

    If you want more soul/hip-hop & don’t want to pay any money, check “The Midnight Trips/Renaissance Music” below at Rakinos on Saturday night. Independants making their contribution on the rap/soul scene with a range of light n heavy tunes but all quality (they include rappers/producers/brothers S.F.T & Rizvan). Free entry! Rakinos even do big bot bottles of Heiny & Lion Red. Chur!

    Gig details:
    Music @:

    Also, some more conscious type hip-hop

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