Q+A: Tom Scott On YGB’s New Online Magazine “Something”


Late last week saw Young, Gifted and Broke launch Something, their new monthly online interactive magazine which is accessible through an app for iPad and iPhone users. You can download the first issue for free via iTunes.

To find out a little more about the project we hit up YGB’s Tom Scott (Home Brew, @Peace), who gave us some background to how the magazine got started, who’s involved with it, and what readers can expect from the first issue.


To start, can you explain a little bit about how the idea to do this came about and who is involved with the project?

Basically this fast talking Indian named Clint Cardozo talked us into it. He could talk you into anything. Dude should start a religion. So we went with this idea and three months later we’re here. Bout to give birth to our first issue.

As for who’s involved, pretty much the whole of our Young, Gifted and Broke collective – myself, Tourettes, Pedro Fins, Elliot Francis Stewart, Timmy D, Jamie Deep, BMD, Dandruff Dicky, Team Dynamite, Side Steps Quintet, Ben Jammin, Raiza Biza, GASP, @peace, Guy Brock, Haz Beats, Wes, Erin Forsyth, Sam Wicks, BRAT, that methadone addict cross dresser dude who sleeps in that abandoned building in Mt Eden. He helped knock down some walls. And a bunch of other dudes I’m too slow to remember.

Can you give us an idea of the sort of content you’re running?

We got all sorts of shit in there. We got a segment called ‘Drugs Ruined My Life’, where each month different people tell the story of the worst drug experience of their life. We got a segment called ‘Dear John’, a letter from a beneficiary to our nation’s Prime Minister. We got a video segment called ‘Tips From A Crim Cunt’, an informational piece where a criminal gives you advice on how not to have your white suburban paradise broken into by rapists and murderers. We got some work in there from our favourite underground poets and writers. We got a podcast full of entirely new music from our collective. We got interviews with all sorts of people we admire. We got an insight into the new Team Dynamite album. There’s a whole lot of shit. Go get the fucking thing. It’s free, and I guarantee it’s not as shit as Groove Guide.

What are you hoping your audience gets out of this? Is there an element of dialogue you’re also trying to achieve?

We really just wanted to make something we wanted to read. Something that’d make us laugh. Make us think. I dunno if there’s an element of dialogue. It’s something though.

It’s super interactive. Was that always the plan? Was there any discussion to just do a print version, or a downloadable online mag that could be accessed without the need for a mobile/tablet app?

We always wanted to do it digital on the phone. Most of us have a deep fear of social interaction of any kind in the real world. We wanted to cater to people like us. And yeah it’s super interactive. You can replace annoying things like your friends and family with this application. It’s like a tamagotchi for grown ups.

On a personal level, does this reflect the way you’re interacting with new media at the moment? Like, are you the sort of guy who prefers to have access to everything via your phone?

Yeah. I don’t have time for anything else. I’m the kind of dude who’s tweeting on the toilet. Checking emails at funerals. I need to be constantly getting shit done or it will build up and destroy me. If I’ve got any time for any kind of leisure it’s gotta be available to me via my phone. I’m too busy for real life interactions. Ask my loved ones.

I think I’ll eventually be the sort of guy who owns Google glasses. And I’ll become even more socially retarded. Like Vegeta. But worse.

How do you ensure that you appeal to a range of advertisers without putting off your audience?

Basically, fuck advertisers. If they want their product advertised they can pay us to advertise it in the way we want to. They need us more than we need them. We just need to recoup the 30cents it costs us everytime somebody downloads the mag and we’re happy. If we can also eat and maybe afford to wear a clean pair of gold top socks each day that’s a bonus. But we don’t need fuck loads of money. I don’t know who Tom Ford is.

From here it seems like the YGB crew is always expanding. Is there an ideal to keep the collective as inclusive as possible?

I think it’s too late to plan how the collective will evolve now. It’s its own entity. It belongs to whoever comes next now. It belongs to the YOUNG artists. Art will always belong to the youth. My dream would be to see it expand to wherever it NEEDS to go. To kids like Eden and Piata, Mellow Downs, Jay Knight, to artists like BMD. To let them shape it into whatever it needs to become. I just wanna see it used as a platform for neglected artists to be heard and seen. And with that hopefully their work might influence and even change the ideologies of our society.

There’s huge momentum behind YGB right now and you’ve managed to establish a real audience and community. How do you go about maintaining that momentum and pushing forward?

Never get content with our work.

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