Review: Black City Lights “Another Life”

Black City Lights - Another Life

Another Life highlights Black City Lights’ extraordinary ability to create intimacy between their music and their listeners: although the music is atmospheric and digital, it remains deeply sincere and personal.

I think I’ve already made it clear how much I loved ‘Give It Up’, but this entire album is equally as moving, complex and flawlessly produced. The beauty of this band lies in their ability to blend static, seamlessly melting into a cacophony of melodies layered with impressive vocals.

There are a few tracks which illustrate this dynamic clearly. ‘Offering’ is a stunning song, with a really special energy about it. The vocals on this mini symphony are utterly free and shining with sincerity. I love this track for its ability to channel pure emotion through heartfelt expression. Whatever style of music you’re into, this song is beautiful.

‘Take Me Home’ is equally as impressive. Julia Parr’s vocals are exquisite, unique and mature. The sombre tone of this track contrasts perfectly with the warm depths of her vocal performance, which are as soothing as any embrace. Their music melts into existence with such seamless construction – sound and emotion nurtured together, evolving into music naturally.

It’s been a pleasure to acquaint myself with this excellent album and I have a lot of respect for what this band has achieved, the maturity of music they have produced and their ability to create a variety of mood and emotion through sound. Another Life is an apt title for this release. It conjures up imagery of distance yet familiarity, yearning, fragility and desire – emotion the music evokes too.


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