Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad: The Transistors ‘Your Life Could Be So Easy’


Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad is a column which sees a panel of writers for The Corner review a range of local singles and grade them out of 10. Check out the song below, read through their opinions and let us know in the comments section your own thoughts and what you’d like to see reviewed next time around.


[Grade: 5.6]

Robyn Gallagher: This initially sounds like a really average punk-pop song, but behind the predictable genre run-through there are deeply sarcastic lyrics, raging against the easy life of the title. And that’s the problem. If you weren’t paying much attention, it would just sound like boring punk-pop, leaving the listener to wonder why this track has been singled out from the album. If this was all I’d heard of the Transistors, I’d think they really sucked. It seems more suited as an in-joke for fans who’ve bought the album. [5]

Elizabeth Beattie: This track is pleasant enough. It has decent production value, but overall just feels underwhelming. We’ve all heard various reincarnations of this song too many times before. I think the musicianship’s pretty good, I appreciate the energy, and the musicians obviously play with passion. But the song itself is just a run of the mill punk tune. [5]

Hayden Currie: Catchy pop-punk that’s fairly fun and purposely inane. Makes me think of some Aussie drongoes sitting in the sun drinking VBs, and if I knew them I might enjoy their company and give them a higher score. [6]

Alex Lyall: Having loved the early singles and finding a geographical common ground with the band, I was expecting to open the gates of my heart immediately. Previous single ‘Abandoned’ had this wild steam that kicked major arse and an emotional underbelly that gave depth to the charge. ‘Your Life…’ leans more toward the latter element without taking note of the subtlety that featured on ‘Abandoned’. Both songs also incorporate a 50s era hum, but the tone here feels imbalanced and premature. We haven’t even gotten into the song at that point, what is there to reflect on? However, early hiccups don’t make it wrong, the track progresses on its own pop-punk identity. The chords are fun and I find the chorus especially pleasant – I could see myself screaming “Your Life Could Be So Easy!!” if it ever were played on The Rock (geez it’s not that bad), which I think it has the ability to do. Shame then that the song kills itself with an extra minute, overstepping an audibly satisfying chorus with a needless reprisal. [6]

Vincent Michaelsen: I’m not sure if it’s a real thing or if I’m just giving it more attention at the moment but there seems to be a solid resurgence in local Flying Nun styled indie rock these days. Either way, it’s great that it’s here and I think therein lies the charm of this song. The track is totally without pretension and I imagine the lyrics speak to virtually everyone. But even so, as a recorded song, it’s a bit commonplace. The high-energy garage rock sound is fun, for sure, but it needs something more to really stand out. [6]


  1. Hip Hop, Rnb, Urban type songs not keen to review? lol

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