Nine Inch Nails and Queens Of The Stone Age To Tour NZ Together?


It looks like Queens Of The Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails may be touring New Zealand together after the below image was posted to the official QOTSA website and their Twitter account earlier today. A press release with the image was also sent out by a local publicist, although no other details have been provided just yet.

Both bands are fresh off releasing new albums, QOTSA with …Like Clockwork and NiN with Hesitation Marks, and they’re also currently on tour until almost the end of the year, which would make any New Zealand dates unlikely to happen until 2014.

QOTSA and Nine Inch Nails

Here’s QOTSA’s ‘I Appear Missing’.

And NiN’s ‘Came Back Haunted’.

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  1. do i expect double the ticket price, and who would headline, i guess QOSA but NIN are like apocolyptic and could cause the crowd to get all emo , is emo still used to describe loosers?? i think both bands should prob stop playing and i saw NIN already. is the new album any good, i heard the QoSA and didnt like it, but perhaps these bands are only like for emo 15 yr olds.

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