Dave Dobbyn To Be Inducted Into NZ Music Hall Of Fame

Dave Dobbyn - photo by Simon Moore

APRA have announced that Dave Dobbyn will be inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame at the 2013 Silver Scroll Awards, which take place on October 15 in a ceremony at Auckland’s Vector Arena. Dobbyn has previously won the Silver Scroll three separate times making him the most-awarded songwriter since the awards began.

APRA New Zealand Writer Director Don McGlashan said in a press release, “Dave Dobbyn’s songs can be many things: devotional, angry, playful… but most of all they’re generous and brave. They can be whispered stories of hope and longing, or anthems bellowed by happy drunks along empty streets after the last bus has gone. Often one song can be both those things. Dave’s songs are deep inside every New Zealander. We’re lucky to have him.”

Check out the five finalists for the Silver Scroll award here.

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  1. looking more and more like colonel sanders every day

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