Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad: CHEATS ‘Peach Pie’


Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad is a column which sees a panel of writers for The Corner review a range of local singles and grade them out of 10. Check out the song below, read through their opinions and let us know in the comments section your own thoughts and what you’d like to see reviewed next time around.


[Grade: 4.0]

Vincent Michaelsen: Now I like the wasted vibes of the Black Lips etc as much as the next dude, but I find this all a bit too skuzzed out to get along with. The vocals are too bored and drawn-out, and that organ, perhaps one of those shrill fucking melodicas, too relentless. [5]

Elizabeth Beattie: I think this is a pretty decent track. All the elements work well together merging into orchestrated chaos. The soundscape is creative and quite accessible, but this track takes a few listens to really “get”. The pulsating rhythm gives this piece of music an interesting, exciting pace and the eccentric flourishes overlaid add diversity. The vocals are a little irritating, but work well in the context of this song. This tune’s strangely mesmerising and quite pleasant in its own dizzying way. [7]

Chloe Cairncross: Now, I love the intro. The intro is truly intriguing. Eighteen seconds where my heart beats faster with anticipation. If this was just a piece on intros, I would give this track 10/10; a standing ovation. And then the bloke starts singing, whining, exhaling a death rattle…This guy is clearly trying to create a psychedelic, trance experience with his monotonous drawl but he is just plain annoying. It all comes across rather amateurish and striving for something it could never possibly be – a cosmic-mind explosion in the style of underground early Pink Floyd. Keep the music: THAT sounds great, and it’s loaded with potential. But whoever is moaning over the top needs to be taken out the back and put out of his misery. [2]

Hayden Currie: You will forget about this song while listening to it. Take [1] for instant amnesia.

Michael Kerby: Despite being sung by a sad cartoon car, I quite like this. It’s like a Bruce Springsteen song played on pots and pans. I mean it’s quite obviously unlistenable, but, you know. There’s something here that shouldn’t be stomped into the ground just yet. So, a [5].


  1. marshy michaels says:

    Not everything needs to be Lorde. This song just broke my day up.

  2. CHEATS RULE says:

    hahahahahaha ( 10/10 IMO)

  3. rip lou reed says:

    fuck you all

  4. Hussein says:

    I quite like this tbh

  5. wtf is this review says:

    really used to respect GSGBSB but are you fucking kidding me. Like actually, this is the most retarded review of an amazing song / band. carry on listening to six 60 you bunch of pricks.

  6. Actully listens to music says:

    This song rules

  7. woah TTO says:


  8. Cheats forever ≈TTO≈

  9. xavier: renegade angel says:

    this is worse than a noisey review.

  10. what are you even talking about? cheats is like….. one of the best solo artists i’ve ever listened to in my life. listen to some real music for once in your life, jeez. this shit rules!!!!!! take it 2 da grave boyo

  11. The song is bad

  12. You guys are a bunch of shiteating pricks. This song and album is amazing. Go eat a dick and get back to listening to More FM you miserable arseholes. Viva La Cheats!

  13. b-b-but says:

    Boring band and terrible song but that doesn’t excuse how god-awful these reviews are. Like, critique needs to come from a framework; pithy one-liners and non-sequiters like this basically entrench the piss-poor state of music criticism in New Zealand. When it’s not nepotism it’s this.

  14. U serious says:

    you guys are tripping, cheats is fucking awesome. you guys suck.

  15. Telling an artist they should be killed? What the fuck is wrong with you guys?

  16. Brandon says:

    I can’t believe you guys could be so blind and deaf, open up your ears and use your brians! Maybe if you ignorant fools listened to less FM radio and tried talkback perhaps.
    Because the meaningless drawl of Shona from Oamaru discussing parking fines is better than this meaningless drawl of a song.

  17. fuckmydog says:

    this song is dope.

    quit writing stink reviews on good shit you eat arse

    if i was to review your review id give your review a solid 1 out of 7 billion

    learn to enjoy good music sole

  18. ‘sang by a sad cartoon car’ – now that was brilliant.

  19. I really liked cheats other song you reviewed, and the first half of this one, especially the melodica thing, sounds cool. I just wish it got louder and ruckus-er toward the end instead of seeming to kind of fall over, or if the singer emoted a bit more.
    Oh, and this is by far the worst bunch of reviews gsgbsb has had. It seems like you couldn’t be bothered with it.

  20. matthew says:

    pretty cool and weird thinking about the reference points for the people who reviewed and were totally freaked out by this song. imo it’s very listenable, dude’s voice is kind of monotonous but if you think that’s anything other than a v deliberate affectation then you prolly need to reconsider “writing” and “expressing opinions”, and besides anything it sounds totally fine. a good song that doesn’t really go anywhere but doesn’t really need to either. [100]

  21. Hoodooguro says:

    Terrible song but loved the reviews, thanks guys!

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