Live: A Night With (The) Melvins


Melvins w/ Solid Gold Hell
Wednesday December 4
Powerstation, Auckland

A medium-sized crowd of metalheads, music nerds, and burnouts turned up to the Powerstation on a shitty Wednesday night to see (the) Melvins do their thing.

Auckland band Solid Gold Hell were the openers, tasked with entertaining a largely distracted crowd, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the grunge overlords.

And shortly after 10pm, Buzz and Dale, along with Big Business duo, Jared Warren (bass) and Coady Willis (second drums), embarked on a 90-minute set that canvassed the breadth of (the) Melvins 30-year existence.

Houdini’s ‘Hag Me’ was first-up, quickly followed by a sampling of tracks from the latest album, Tres Cabrones, before the set went reeling back through the years.

Material was pulled from mid-to late 2000s recordings, The Bride Screamed Murder, Nude With Boots, A Senile Animal, along with offerings from Honky (1997), Lysol (1992), The Bootlicker (1999), Stoner Witch (1994) and more.

A fierce run-through of the Wipers’ ‘Youth of America’, the dark and accusatory ‘Let It All Be’, and the ambient weirdness of ‘Shevil’ were as good as it got in amongst a great show.

They are unbelievably tight, two drummers and all, and yet it is almost too clinical at times, almost mechanical. There are still moments of raw punk rock but overall the performance is so polished… it’s distracting. Their enhanced lineup adds a new dimension certainly, I just wonder if something is lost as a result of the progression.

Nonetheless it was loud as all hell and really fucking good, as expected. Lets hope they come back soon!

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  1. Too polished ie they didn’t cause an earthquake this time.

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