Keepin’ Track #1

Lee Bannon

Every fortnight, The Corner’s Luke Owen Smith will highlight the latest electronica releases with his new column Keepin’ Track. For the first in the series, he focuses on tracks from Koreless, Rain Dog, Leon Vynehall, Ricky Eat Acid and Lee Bannon.


Mogwai – Blues Hour (Koreless Remix)

In 2013 Koreless released the Yugen E.P, which shifted his focus away from beat-driven dance music and more towards ethereal soundscapes, creating an even more individual sound for the Young Turks affiliate. This remix of fellow Glaswegians Mogwai continues along a similar path and their sounds complement each other nicely. The lush fields of synthesized warmth are the perfect setting for lyrics about ghosts, souls and train rides to nowhere. The weaving bleeps and percussive sounds seem to almost massage the track, coming in waves of tension and release. When the classic Mogwai guitar sounds come in around the three-minute mark we are briefly lifted to the promise land.

Rain Dog – Nerves Like New Thread

Taken from the recently released Two Words LP, Rain Dog’s ‘Nerves Like a New Thread’ is a delicate yet powerful piece. The scattering intricacies of the future garage beat rise and fall around multiple layers of emotive synths, at times taking on an almost Koyaanisqatsi-esque intensity. For me it brings back feelings of being trapped in a hectic city lifestyle and yearning for the countryside; the repeated female vocal ‘away’ calling like a siren from a more peaceful place. Check out the label ‘Project Mooncircle’ for more info on this release.

Leon Vynehall – Time

The elusive Brighton based producer comes through with another solid release for Aus Music. The swinging drum rolls carry along the 4/4 beat in a foot tapping manner, before the softly melancholic melodies come in and change up the vibe. Equally suitable for the bedroom or the club, this is definitely a tune soaked in nostalgia and memory. The delightful little flute flutters will keep you from getting too sad on the dance floor.

Ricky Eat Acid – It Will Draw Me in Like it Always Does

I’m excited about this upcoming release from Ricky Eat Acid – who is probably best known for his remix of Rhianna’s ‘Only Girl (In the World)’ which featured on Jamie XX’s mix for FACT magazine. The album features samples from all of his previous bands and side projects, and this track revolves around a painfully beautiful female vocal that is soaked in longing. The cold piano notes pass by like faces on the bus, sympathetic but self-involved. The beat is heavily footwork inspired and drifts in and out of the room with a certain nonchalance. Ricky Eat Acid’s debut LP ‘Three Love Songs’ is released on January 21st via Orchid Tapes.

Lee Bannon – Resorectah

(Listen via Ninja Tune)

‘Resorectah’ is the opening track from Lee Bannon’s much-hyped second album Alternate/Endings, although calling it a track seems a little tame – it’s more of a balls-to-the-wall statement of intent; a burning eviction notice nailed to your door. As soon as the track starts you hear a sample from hip hop horror legends Gravediggaz, which instantly sets the tone and tells you that this ain’t gonna be for the faint of heart. The jungle resurrection may be in full swing, but this is potentially the release that is going to stamp it firmly on the map and bring an awareness of it to those outside of the underground. The opening beat is absolutely relentless and constantly evolving, taking your breath away and leaving you no time to think. For some reason this track brought back memories of watching the Undertaker on WWF when I was about ten years old – that same intense mixture of excitement and genuine fear! Out now on Ninja Tune.

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