Lorde Wins Two Grammy Awards


Lorde has won two out of four Grammy awards that she was nominated for – Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of Year for ‘Royals’. Other nominees in the two categories included Bruno Mars, Pink, Katy Perry, Macklemore and Justin Timberlake, while Daft Punk won both the Album Of The Year and Record Of The Year. Lorde will now head back our way for her Silo Park show that was scheduled after her Laneway performance clashed with the Grammy broadcast. Grab tickets for that show via the official Laneway website and check out the support acts here.

Wednesday January 29 2014
Silo Park, Auckland

Here’s ‘Royals’.


  1. Michael McClelland says:

    What the fuck is the difference between Album of the Year and Record of the Year? The age of the respective judges?

    • Dan Taipua says:

      Record of the Year is for a single recording

    • Record of the Year is for the production of an individual single. It’s maybe easier to think of it as “recording” rather than “record”. That award goes to the producer, engineer, etc. Song of the Year, wot Lorde got, is for the songwriting, akin to the Silver Scroll.

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