Keepin’ Track #2

Pearson Sound

Every fortnight, The Corner’s Luke Owen Smith will highlight the latest electronica releases with his new column Keepin’ Track. For the second in the series, he focuses on tracks from Dego & Keidi, Pearson Sound, Max D, Moderat and Gilligan Moss.


Dego & Keidi – Ankle Injury

Two legendary producers team up for this new EP on Eglo Records – Dego of 4Hero fame and Kaidi Tatham from Bugz in the Attic. This opening track begins with some up-tempo bongos and the dulcet tones of a hazy organ, before a masterful break beat kicks in. The jazzy melody adds to the fresh, vibrant feel of the tune; the whole piece sounding as joyfully organic as you would expect from these two. Out now on 12” or digitally via Bandcamp.

Pearson Sound – Raindrops Pt. I/II

Something a little different here from the lauded UK bass producer (and co-runner of Hessle Audio.) This short, self-released single moves away from the world of beats and into a watery dimension of mysterious melodies. The immaculately produced synth lines bubble and trickle around each other, hinting at a rhythm but not really interested in anything so orderly. There is a sense of subdued excitement – of discovery but uncertainty. Available now via Surus.

Max D – Calvin & Hobbes

Delightful new little tune from Max D, aka Maximillion Dunbar. As playful and adventurous as the comic book its title references, we are treated here to something that feels childlike and pure. We are safe here. A variety of warm bleeps, analogue bips and karimba-esque bops fly around each other like fireflies heading out at dusk, creating a vibe that is reminiscent of the friendlier side of Aphex Twin’s work. The full EP is expected at the end of the month via The Trilogy Tapes.

Moderat – Last Time (Jon Hopkins remix)

Moderat have released another single from their 2013 album II and it features a blinding remix from Jon Hopkins. Everything this guy touches turns to gold and there’s no exception here. Pulsating synths roll across the landscape in dense textures, gaining intensity with the energy of a falling snowball. Around the three minute mark an epic fuzzy bass line come along with just a hint of the original’s vocals, elevating the track to its cinematic peak.

Gilligan Moss – Choreograph

Though technically this track has been online for a few months, it’s just started to get the attention it deserves over the past week or so. As of yet the young producer is almost completely unknown and there is very little information to be found about him online, but I expect that will be changing sometime soon. ‘Choreograph’ is an absolute tour de force – breathtakingly innovative and as fresh as a morning surf. The beautiful minimal house beginnings are reminiscent of Pantha du Prince or Four Tet, but when the youthful choir-like vocals come in he starts taking it to his own place. There’s so many different elements to the track that at times it sound like more than one track mashed together, yet somehow it works perfectly. When the ecstatic vocals kick in at three and a half minutes it’s like some kind of disco ejaculation from a parallel universe. Grab this track while it’s available for free download from his soundcloud page.

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