Down The Wire #1


Every fortnight, The Corner’s Gavin Coughlan will highlight the latest indie music releases with his new column Down The Wire. For the first in the series, he focuses on tracks from Manchester Orchestra, Mark McGuire, Fuzz, Liars, Kevin Drew and Eagulls.


Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch

Sometimes I love Manchester Orchestra and sometimes Manchester Orchestra bore me to tears. Each album contains a handful of great hook-filled songs surrounded by a lot of by-the-numbers, overly earnest rock epics. Unfortunately the first single from their next release (Cope, set for release on April Fool’s Day) sounds like the latter rather then the former. Hopefully there are still going to be some gems on the album, but for the time being, if you want to hear a whinier version of Weezer, look no further.

Mark McGuire – “In Search Of The Miraculous” (Shinji Masuko Remix)

Around this time last year the electronic trio Emeralds announced they were no more. I was saddened by the news, but also just a touch relieved as I felt their last album was also their weakest. Luckily ex-member, the uber-prolific Mark McGuire, is releasing a new album this February, and from the tracks we have heard so far it looks like it will fill an Emeralds-sized hole very nicely.

‘In Search Of The Miraculou’s was released last year, but here we have a remix from Boredoms drummer Shinji Masuko. His work on the track certainly brings a certain Boredoms-esque sound, transforming the original from a lush and slightly new age-y piece to something more uplifting and joyous with added percussion and guitar. I just might have to find a field of sunflowers to run through next time I listen to this.

Fuzz – Till The End Of The Day

From one prolific artist to another, although one of a very different ilk. Not only is Ty Segall possibly the hardest working man in music, but also amazingly consistent considering the volume of his output. One of his many bands, Fuzz, are also one of my favourites of his. They capture the garage rock sound of the sixties so perfectly they wouldn’t seem out of place on a Nuggets compilation.

So it seems apt that their latest seven inch (a split with CCR Headcleaner) is a cover of the early Kinks track ‘Till The End Of The Day’. It’s a fairly faithful rendition, just a little faster and a little grungier. Not exactly an essential Ty Segall single, and there are many better Fuzz originals, but still stupidly good fun.

Liars – Mess On A Mission

When Liars announce an album, you never really know what you are going to get. It’s easy to see why Radiohead are such fervent fans as they too tend to favour experimentation over catering to any sort of pop sensibilities. 2012’s WIXIW saw them embrace electronics, and it was largely successful, even if you sometimes found yourself admiring the songs more then you were actually enjoying them. When you find yourself doing both it’s a pretty special thing, and ‘Mess On A Mission’ is one of those songs.

The single seems to be a continuation of the sound found on WIXIW. It’s an almost perky electronic track with enough of Liars oddness layered across it to keep it interesting and even a little bit catchy. If their upcoming album (Mess, due March 24th) maintains this quality it’s going to be good ‘un.

Kevin Drew – Good Sex

With Broken Social Scene on indefinite hiatus, and band mainstay Kevin Drew’s last solo album almost seven years old now, I’m sure there are many out there craving some gold old-fashioned Toronto-based indie.

‘Good Sex’ is the first single from Kevin Drew’s LP, Darlings. He has stated that the album is “a celebration of memories. It’s about the rise and fall of love and sex, in my own life and in today’s society”, and true to form this song is about the greatest (mostly) free activity known to humankind. It’s an upbeat song that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Broken Social Scene album, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. It’s catchy, emotive, suitably sexy and feels brief at three minutes long. The video should be interesting too as the casting call asked for “couples of various ages and orientations engaged in passionate and intimate sexual moments”, which should bump up those YoutTube views.

Eagulls – Possessed

The latest release from Eagulls is another solid track from the Leeds punk band, so it all bodes pretty well for their debut LP release in early March. Built around a blistering riff reminiscent of a less wall of sound reliant My Bloody Valentine, it sounds like it would be best heard live in a small and sweaty club. Surprisingly they are due to play David Letterman on January 31st, with everyone’s favourite Bill Murray as a co-guest, which is – there is no other word for it – cool.


  1. Great list, especially digging Liars and Eagulls. Tiger Choir is another one you might want to check out.

  2. Luke Jacobs says:

    I can’t even describe how much I love Eagulls their album gave me goose bumps.

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