Video Premiere: Glass Owls ‘Tired Of The Internet’

Glass Owls

After breaking an extended quiet spell with ‘She Transcends’ in early November, Glass Owls are back with a full album and accompanying video for the single ‘Tired Of The Internet’. The album, produced by Djeisan Suskov and recorded at Revolver Studios is appropriately titled Out From The Darkness and shows the band in a new light. It’s obvious the down time wasn’t spent twiddling their thumbs as the maturation in both their songwriting and playing is evident from the first note to the last.

The video, which we’re fortunate to premiere below, was directed by Eddy Fifield and stars “Manurewa’s very own sex bomb and local TV personality” Wayne Anderson in what is arguably his finest performance to date.

Glass Owls will be playing their first show after the album release on March 7th at Galatos in support of Clap Clap Riot. Keep tuned to the band’s Facebook page for future touring announcements and grab a free download of ‘Tired Of The Internet’ via Soundcloud.


  1. Lydia Davis says:

    Feels kinda icky- like they’re sniggering at Wayne Anderson implicitly

    • I really don’t think it’s like that. To quote Anderson, “To be honest new technology gets me all in muddle, rattle and rolled so if you want to book me and my incredible voice for an upcoming function you can contact me on 09 269 7396 or my mobile number 027 269 7397, and if I don’t answer please leave me a message. Please DO NOT TEXT, I am an old fashioned 50’s and 60’s love crooner, texting just isn’t my thing.”
      Seems like he’s just a good face for the song.

      • Lydia Davis says:

        He’s a great face for the song- it’s a great video. I could be reading too much into this.

  2. Lydia Davis says:

    But also, it feels like Wayne Anderson takes an active role as a kind of kitsch self-parodying singer- but this seems to be a development over time, as he’s been adopted as an “outsider” musician- but I am still unsure if people are laughing at him, or with him. That was the trouble with that TV series (‘singer of songs’)- sometimes it felt like the filmmakers were poking fun at a musician who was very serious about his craft. Or was he aware the whole time? Satire taken to the next level!? So many feelings!

  3. This is a beautiful video.
    Nothing beats passion and sequins.

  4. it’s reassuring to know that glass owls are still godawful tho

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