Keepin’ Track #3

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Every fortnight, The Corner’s Luke Owen Smith will highlight the latest electronica releases with his new column Keepin’ Track. For the latest in the series, he focuses on tracks from Om Unit, Sudanim, Todd Terje, Wesley Matsell and Throwing Snow ft. Adda Kaleh.


Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix)

Master of the slow-fast Om Unit comes through with a fantastic remix of this drum ‘n’ bass classic, almost twenty years after the original’s release. It’s another nod to the resurgence of DnB and jungle that’s been going on recently and you can hear the huge influence that tunes like this have had on Om Unit’s production. The remix has been done very tastefully and is a fitting homage to the original; there’s just a subtle change in groove and timing that gives it that classic Om Unit vibe.

Out now on ThirtyOne Recordings.

Sudanim – The Thirst

Totally blown away by the production on this new EP from Her Records co-head Sudanim. The whole thing is intensely tangible and layered with caverns of tactile percussion, creating a kind of UK bass gorge walk for the listener to meander through with trepidation. There’s so many influences combined here, from dancehall to grime to hip hop, but all the elements combine to make something that sounds original and fresh.

Available via the Her Records store.

Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite

Last week the internet was ablaze with the new Todd Terje track. It’s a cosmic disco masterpiece that throbs with funk and sounds like what they thought the future would sound like in the past. As soon as I heard it I felt like getting high and driving a Ferrari Testarossa straight into the sun. Can’t wait for the full album to drop in April.

Wesley Matsell – Total Order of Being

A myriad of sounds combine in this excited scrapbook of a tune. Stacatto stabs of vocal synths fly around rolling arpeggios with the frantic energy of children playing musical chairs. Order is restored when the beat is introduced and then around the minute mark shit gets real deep. There’s a heavy dose of classic nineties rave music in this, which is always a good thing.

Full EP released on Border Community on 24th February.

Throwing Snow ft. Adda Kaleh – The Tempest

Ross Tones a.k.a Throwing Snow has released the first track from his new EP Pathfinder. The record is intended to be listened to on journeys and you can certainly imagine sitting on a train whilst listening to this and watching bleak winter fields roll by. The abstract lyrics of Romanian vocalist Adda Kaleh fit perfectly with the tone of the track and the two grow together in perfect synchronicity; two lonely passengers heading to the same destination.

Released March 24th on Houndstooth.

Special shout out this week to Binkbeats, who created this incredible reproduction of Caribou’s ‘Bowls’ using loops and acoustic instrumentation. Mind boggling stuff!

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