Keepin’ Track #4


Every fortnight, The Corner’s Luke Owen Smith will highlight the latest electronica releases with his new column Keepin’ Track. For the latest in the series, he focuses on tracks from Four Tet and Terror Danjah, Addison Groove, Simon Pyke, Jack Dice and Lone.


Four Tet + Terror Danjah – Killer

Huge collaboration from my main man Kieren Hebden (aka Four Tet) and grime producer Terror Danjah. It’s a fitting continuation from Hebden’s last album Beautiful Rewind and we can hear a strong similarity in the starkness of the beat, the jungle MC samples and the high-pitch tone that hangs ominously in the background, like on ‘Kool FM’. For me the real killer is the droning synth line that comes in at 2:50, and having listened to a couple of Terror Danjah’s tunes you can definitely hear his influence here. Unflinchingly apocalyptic!

Out now on Text Records.

Addison Groove – Abandon

Lovely new track from Bristol’s Addison Groove and vocalist Josefina. You really can’t beat the xylophone if you’re looking for a sound that is gorgeously timid. Everything in this track feels intentionally recoiled, from the sultry vocals to the subtle bass line and even the hazy glimpses we catch of Josefina in the video. ‘Just take a step out of your limited life’ she sings, and perhaps the sheltered nature of the song’s protagonist is echoed in the musical aesthetics.

Out now via 50Weapons.

Simon Pyke – Universal Everything & You

This is a fascinating twenty minute composition based on ‘Universal Everything & You – Drawing in Motion’, an exhibition held at the Science Museum in London. It seems fitting that this piece was involved with the Science Museum because the whole twenty minutes feels full of wonderment and discovery. If David Attenborough made electronic music, it would probably sound like this. There’s a whole range of poignant acoustic sounds and beautiful vocal samples, all driven forward by a simple 4/4 beat to a crescendo of excitement.

Available now on Warp Records.

Jack Dice – Stash’s Theme ft. Stash Marina

Ooof. What a belter this is! Stash’s rhyming is flawless and the backing track is such a strange mixture of styles. It’s got lots in common with the kind of mainstream American hip hop that’s around at the moment, but at the same time there this UK bass/grime sound going on that makes it so much more dark and dirty. That bass line does not play!

Out now on Modern Love.

Illum Sphere – Embryonic (Lone Remix)

Another appropriately titled track, Lone’s remix of ‘Embryonic’ sounds like it was actually produced in the womb. Pure, care-free bliss. The light DnB beat is more jolly than Pharrell eating an ice cream on a bouncy castle. If you’re feeling a little low, stick this track on and remember that the world is a special place full of love and opportunity. Now take me to the angel rave!

Penned for an April release via Ninja Tune.

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  1. klane says:

    I think Chelsea’s currently on annual leave from , so just letting you know that by xylophone you probably mean glockenspiel (although it’s not a glockenspiel either). vibraphone sample/synthesis maybe? xo

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