Wellington’s Puppies Is Closing Down


It’s been rumoured for awhile now and this morning Blink has confirmed that his Wellington venue Puppies will close this June. Opening back in October 2012, the venue closure follows news that Mighty Mighty would also close this year and that 2014 would see the seventh and final Camp A Low Hum.

Blink has also unveiled plans to celebrate the closure with a huge run of shows that are TBA and he’ll also be releasing a new book, The problem with music in New Zealand, how we can fix it and why I started and ran Puppies, and a double LP of tracks from artists that have performed at the venue. They’re available via Kickstarter along with tickets to the closing weekend of the venue on June 20/21. Head there now to take a look and read some words from Blink below.

The book, “The problem with music in New Zealand, how we can fix it and why I started and ran Puppies” is not just me being a dick and hassling venues, it’s about making people aware of the realities of this industry we’re in and perhaps how with just some simple education and working together, it wouldn’t be hard to make things better for everyone – from those who work in the background through to the amazing people who actually attend shows. While focused on New Zealand and coming up with solutions to navigate issues caused by our small and spare population, many of the problems are echoed overseas – it’s important that anybody with an interest in music have a read as much of it is about letting people know what’s really going on – ie: just how crap things really are.

In a short while, twenty months after opening, Puppies will close its doors whilst releasing the book detailing why I had to try this experiment in the first place – where it worked, where it went wrong and all my other wack ideas for this industry.

As well as launching this book on the final weekend, I’ll also release a 2xLP collection of tracks from artists responsible for my favourite performances at Puppies throughout the last two years along with an insert book with some anecdotes and photos from the venue. I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help make the vinyl, book and closing parties amazingly awesomely amazing awesome. To get tickets to the final weekend, you’ll need to go through Kickstarter, and while you’re there, why not pledge to get a book or the records too?


(Dates and details announced soon)

Grayson Gilmour, Lontalius, I.E. Crazy, Glass Vaults, Late Nite Long Legs, Samuel Flynn Scott & His Bunnies on Ponies, Orchestra of Spheres, Cover Gurls presents PRINCE tribute, Disasteradio, Golden Axe, Secrets, Power Nap, Black City Lights, The All Seeing Hand, The Shocking Pinks, Bespin, A Crystal Magic Records Party, Team Dynamite, Tommy Ill, Alphabethead, The Bats, Salad Boys, Lawrence Arabia, Caroles, Tiny Ruins, KCB presents 420 Eve with Race Banyon, Totems, Yvnalesca and all the regular crew, PLUS the last nights of some of our favourite regular parties! The final BATTLE, the final Manual Magazine x Puppies party, the last Karaoke Dick at Pups, the last A Low Hum x Samin Son, HEAPS MORE, oh yeah, and the bill on June 20/21 is gonna be legit.


  1. New Zealand’s music scene will never be the same without this one weird dude who never played in a band but always made sure he was the star of the show. The revolution will be self-reported, and it starts with you continuing to give blink much more money and credit than he ever deserved.

    • Michael McClelland says:

      1) Dude does stuff

      2) Says he does said stuff

      3) Everyone gets Real Offended

      • Puppies had some really great ideas & I do think Blink is very shrewd at seeing what can make existing things better, although the not announcing bands that are playing for camp was pretty annoying which seemed like it was making it all about him. He is pretty annoying as well, although not as annoying as his Blink Zealots. I don’t think he’s a very good writer either.

  2. This dude is the man! I wish I had the mind strength to do what he does.

    Really dig his thoughts that money is over-rated, gigs start way too late (I hate that shit!) and looking forward to his book.

    And his ‘share your ideas’ is the dopest thing I’ve heard in a while.

  3. Joshua Grigg says:

    “Never played in a band”, who cares mate. Venues/festivals/labels don’t run themselves.

  4. Lydia Davis says:

    1) venue doesn’t make enough money
    2) has to close
    3) wants more money from you though
    4) man who wants money from you hasn’t actually contributed to any kickstarter projects himself

  5. Harlson Ramone says:

    I thought he was in the magic numbers?

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