Keepin’ Track #6

Jamie XX

Every fortnight, The Corner’s Luke Owen Smith will highlight the latest electronica releases with his new column Keepin’ Track. For the latest in the series, he focuses on tracks from Jamie XX, Just Friends, Floating Points, Mo Kolours and Phon.O.


Jamie XX – Sleep Sound

Between touring with The XX and constant international DJ dates, Jamie XX doesn’t have that much time for his solo career, but thankfully he’s putting out a new 12” soon. ‘Sleep Sound’ is the b-side from that release, and very much picks up where he left off with 2011’s ‘Far Nearer’, with that unique, subdued sound that is unmistakably his. Beautiful harp notes adorn its opening section, before a range of vocal samples and synth lines flow along with the subtle garage beat. It’s a track with many loose ends, which are all masterfully tied together by the finale.

Out 5th May on Young Turks.


Just Friends – Don’t Tell Me

Just Friends is a collaborative project between vocalist Sasha Spielberg and Nicolas Jaar, and has been released through the subscription based label ‘Other People’. Spielberg lays down the sweetest little vocal that floats effortlessly over the top of some classic Jaar production: the guitar, the bubbling synth, the slow and minimal house beat – it’s everything we’ve come to know and love from the innovative New Yorker. If I was a massive twat I might call this post-RnB, but thankfully I’m not.


Floating Points – King Bromieland

Oooh I’ve been waiting with baited breath for some new music from Sam Shepherd, AKA Floating Points, and my prolonged anticipation has not been unrewarded. This jazzy little number is oozing with groove and the shuffling beat is terribly infectious. It sounds very much like a live band jamming in an eighties Chicago basement where everyone is smoking, such is the genius of Shepherd’s production.

Coming soon on Eglo Records.


Mo Kolours – Mike Black

One of many fantastic tunes to be found on Mo Kolours’ new self-titled debut album. Apparently intended as a tip of the hat to legendary British funk group Cymande, this is another extremely organic sounding track with a tremendously sloppy beat. It brings to mind the masterful production of Moodymann or Theo Parrish, and I don’t mind mentioning this exciting young producer in the same sentence as those guys. Check out the whole album (and pay what you want) over on his Bandcamp page.


Phon.o – Moonwalk

I love the dark, hypnotic mystery of this piece, but clearly we need to talk about the video. This is the best fucking music video I’ve ever seen. An army of psychedelic alien cats land on the moon and start destroying shit with lasers they shoot from their eyes. What’s not to love? Check out the little dude beating on the djembe as the army marches on – he’s the heartbeat of the takeover. Then things get a little bit ‘Lord Of The Flies’ and they all start killing each other, before shooting back into space in the form of rainbow lasers. Masterpiece.

Out now on 50Weapons.

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