Five Influences On Suren Unka’s New Album

Suren Unka

With his debut album, El Chupacabra, out now, we asked Suren Unka to list five things that influenced his record. Read what he had to say below, grab the album over at Bandcamp and head here to read his Q+A with Matt Hutson.


Four Tet

Four Tet is probably one of my biggest influences for my album. I first came across Four Tet when my mum was blasting his album, There Is Love In You from her room. The first song ‘Angel Echoes’ has the most beautiful vocal sample and it had me hooked from there on in. I am in love with their mesmerising, layered drums.


Another favourite is Bonobo. On his latest album, The North Borders he has totally perfected a danceable sound that is not overtly ‘in your face.’ The song, ‘Know You,’ is my favourite on this album. It has good pace and has a great use of dynamics.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

His debut album Trouble has some of the finest production I have heard. I found myself referencing him when mixing my own album.


I know Rose Thomas (designer of ‘Nymphets’) isn’t a musician, but she is someone that truly inspires me. She is someone who has gone all out with something that she loves.

Kerosene Comic Book

I’m not a part of Kerosene Comic Book but I have to thank these dudes big time. I feel like these guys have created a great community in New Zealand’s Bedroom Producer/Electronic scene. They have brought the genre into the spotlight and helped us gain recognition on the Bnet radio stations.

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