Down The Wire #7


Every fortnight, The Corner’s Gavin Coughlan will highlight the latest indie music releases with his new column Down The Wire. For the latest in the series, he focuses on tracks from White Lung, Courtney Love, Buzz Osbourne, Sunny Day Real Estate and Young Widows.


White Lung – Snake Jaw

White Lung have just unveiled another track off their upcoming album, Deep Fantasy, which comes out June 17th. Their previous album, Sorry, got a lot of attention, so the anticipation for the new one is huge.

‘Snake Jaw’ will also be the b-side to the album’s first single, ‘Down With The Monster’. The a-side is a pretty ferocious track, whilst this song feels a bit more restrained in comparison. There is something here that brings to mind early nineties punk, not to mention Hole. Mish Way, White Lung’s vocalist, is a Courtney Love devotee, so perhaps it’s not surprising that there is some influence in there. That reminds me, Courtney Love has just released a new single, so I’ll review that one next. Before I do though, White Lung are touring New Zealand with Upset in June, just before the release of their new album, and I’m taking a punt and saying those shows should not be missed.


Courtney Love – You Know My Name

Love her or hate her, there is no denying Courtney Love is a character and has managed to keep her self in the public eye through not only music, but also through public meltdowns and finding missing airplanes.

She no longer looks anything like she used to due to some dramatic cosmetic surgery, but she sure sounds like she used to with ‘You Know My Name’. I’ve never been a fan of Courtney Love, as a personality or a musician, but I kind of like this song, it’s at least a thousand times better then I expected it to be. I was ready to pan it as I pushed play, but it’s just not the embarrassment I assumed it was going to be. It’s reminded me not to jump to conclusions, and to remember that you don’t have to be a noble genius to write a good rock song.


Buzz Osborne – Drunken Baby

Buzz Osborne has had one of the most impressive careers in rock as the frontman for the Melvins. Churning out consistently great music since 1983 without ever playing it safe, he has finally gotten around to releasing a solo album, This Machine Kills Artists, which comes out June 3rd.

The main difference between this and his day job is that we have a completely acoustic version of Buzz here. ‘Drunken Baby’ is the second track we have heard from the upcoming release and it sounds exactly like you may expect, an unplugged Melvins. Don’t fear though, even though the Melvins’s chugging guitars and Dale Crover’s drumming is absent, it still manages to be wonderfully dark.


Sunny Day Real Estate – Lipton Witch

Emo pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate got back together in 2009 with a promise to record some new music. The news brought a glimmer of a smile to the faces of emo fans worldwide, but then the recording sessions fell apart, and those faces reverted back to their default state of melancholy.

But record store day has prompted them to release one track from those sessions, ‘Lipton Witch’, as a split single with Circa Survive. It’s pretty typical stuff from the band, so fans may be rejoicing in the streets, but it doesn’t do anything to make me re-evaluate my previous indifference to their music.


Young Widows – The Money

Young Widows aren’t a band I had heard of before I listened to this song, a digital-only bonus track for their upcoming album, Easy Pain. If this is just a bonus track, then consider me very interested in hearing the full LP as it’s absolutely teaming with menace and muscularity. The band introduced the world to the new album by playing it from start to finish at a show in New York, which strikes me as a great way to show off new material.

You can also listen to the first singles from the album, ‘Kerosene Girl’ and ‘King Sol’, if this song has peaked your interest as much as it did mine.

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